Midwife Mondays 57: Sometimes your body just needs to stop!

Last week was an interesting one. I will write a proper post about last Sunday (because despite the actual plague, it was an amazing evening!) but essentially that was the start of it, and by the time I got home, I was a shadow of myself, to the point where M basically had to carry me to bed because I was feeling so incredibly weak and feeble (I even, incredibly attractively, managed to throw up in the car park – and he is still with me – I’m a lucky girl)

So Monday and Tuesday were spent curled up on the sofa, hardly eating, unable to make a sound, coughing and spluttering my way through the day (very attractive, no?)

Luckily I wasn’t scheduled to be in the hospital until Wednesday, however, come Wednesday morning I was still pretty much bed/sofa-bound, and now with the most incredibly runny nose to add to everything else; there was no way I was gonna be ok to work, so I had to call in sick, which I hate.

Thursday was much the same, and I had to call in sick again, though thankfully I could finally make it out of bed to put on some laundry and fill the dishwasher, which was fortunate because by then the kitchen/laundry situation was becoming pretty dire!

I was scheduled to be in the hospital on Friday for a trust update, where they go through all the fire protocols/data protection/fraud/uniform/infection control etc etc. It’s one of those things that are completely mandatory, and if I hadn’t managed to drag myself along I would have had to do it in bits and fit it into my already crammed schedule over the next few weeks, so I wrapped myself up in all the cardigans, scarves, coats etc and got myself there. I may have coughed and spluttered my way through it, but I got there.

Saturday I had another day off, and I was determined to use it properly seeing as I was feeling bit brighter. I did the rest of the laundry, tidied the house, sent about a million emails and then sorted some of the “behind the scenes” stuff for my blog. M was away for the weekend so I just snuggled up with a blanket, some leftover bolognese and a bit of grey’s anatomy and then got an early night.

On Sunday, however, I was FINALLY well enough to get back into the hospital – which is just as well as I was getting SERIOUS cabin fever. I spent the day on the maternity assessment unit, seeing even more women with unique conditions and symptoms.

It was so good to be back at it, and even though I only did a short shift so I didn’t actually burn out, it really felt like my brain had turned back on!

This week has totally emphasised to me that sometimes your body just needs to stop. My body had obviously just hit a wall – there was literally no way I could have gone on this week without stopping.

I am still feeling a bit run down, and am definitely thankful for having another couple of days off this week before I get back to long shifts in the hospital again! I’m gonna take it easy for those couple of days, get some more blog work done, and let myself beat the rest of this plague-bug. Hope you’ve all had a more productive week than I have!

Image by Danielle MacInnes

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