My Summer Playsuit Lust List!

Ooh I do love a playsuit – seriously, it’s along the same kind of lines as dungarees; it just feels like you can do whatever wearing them, climb a tree, run after the ice cream van (just me?!), wander along the beach on a windy evening – with the added bonus of the knowledge that you won’t be flashing your knickers! They are so comfy and yet they are so glamorous too! Absolutely love this new trend!

Anyway, as I’ve got a few trips coming up at the mo, I’ve been putting together a bit of a lust list of the bits and bobs I want to take away with me (and quite a few of them have since made their way into my basket and are now sitting in my wardrobe!)

I thought I’d share a few of my favourites for you guys – hope you find something you like!

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