Midwife Mondays 116: Revision Days and Finishing for Christmas

Week 116 in my midwifery journey was stock full of revision in preparation for our NIPE exam in the first week of January.

We had a couple of days in uni going over all the bits we need to learn and the overall structure of the exam and then it was just me, my books and a load of coloured pens! I’ve worked out, throughout this course, that I learn best in colour, so I made huge sheets for each subject with sections in different colours to try to learn all the information I needed to.

The NIPE exam is just one of those exams that you need to just learn the facts. There isn’t much you can just “work out”, you either know it or you don’t…so it needed a lot of swotting up and some really detailed notes to help.

On the Friday we drove up to M’s parent’s house. We were spending the week up there as M was taking a course and I was off on study-leave anyway so may as well go with him and spend a nice week with his parents.

Again, quite a quick post for this week but revision simply doesn’t give me that much to share….until the results come out! Eek!

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