Midwife Mondays 119: Christmas and Lovely Anniversary Celebrations

So this post is gonna be a pretty short one simply because week 119 was Christmas week. There’s not a huge amount to share really.

We had a fantastic Christmas down with my family. M played golf with my dad, we went to some drinks parties, we went to a lovely carol service, we ate our body weight in Turkey and Chocolate, and generally had a really good time!

Boxing day we packed up the car and drove to M’s parent’s house to spend the next week with them. We spent the rest of boxing day at M’s cousins house, playing with the kids, drinking gin and tonic and eating plenty of cheese – the perfect way to spend boxing day!

The 30th December is the anniversary of the day M and I met, so we headed back to the same bar and had dinner there with some friends – just a really special evening. This particular bar makes cocktails using dry ice, smoke, fire and all sorts of other magical ingredients; the drinks are more like theatre than anything else! It was a really magical evening and a really nice way to celebrate our anniversary – definitely gonna be going back there!

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