Midwife Mondays 118: Work-Life Balance as a Student Midwife

Since I met M near the start of my first year of this course, I have been really strict with maintaining a Work-Life balance. I wanted my doing this course to be my job and outside of that to have a proper life – I think it’s really important.

Obviously, this isn’t always practical, particularly around exams and deadlines, but I have made a rule for myself that I only do “work” until 6.30 latest in the evenings, and then on the weekends I try not to let any work I have to do get in the way of doing things or making the most of our time together. Exams are different, and we’ve had several evenings where M has sat up with me, testing me, until really late at night before bed, but when there aren’t exams pending, I’m really strict about it – and I think it’s really important.

This week we were back in our little house, and I was off, on Christmas Holidays from uni/study leave for my January exam. So I followed my little rule and revised all day until M got home, and then we got to spend the evenings together, properly chilled without worrying that I wasn’t working.

On the Thursday, M finished work for Christmas and we packed up the car and drove down to my parent’s house. We had loads of plans while we were down there and I didn’t want to worry about revision so much over christmas, but because I had done quite a lot in the run up to Christmas I wasn’t too worried. I gave myself a few days off and we were free to meet family for lunch, go to festive drinks parties and catch up with good friends – just what we needed!

It was so lovely to turn my brain off, even in the run up to an exam, knowing that I had done a lot of work and could easily pick it up again at a moments notice. Work-Life balance for christmas achieved! 🙂

Image by Evelin Horvath

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