One Month To Go!

A month tomorrow my new life begins. A month tomorrow I pack my life into bags and boxes, fill my little blue car up to the brim with all the things I think I am going to need, and drive to my new home. My new journey. And I cannot wait!

A month tomorrow, I leave Bristol and drive the 3 hours to Cambridge and move into my beautiful new flat. Which means I have a month to stock up on all the things I’m going to need, from bedding and crockery (because my sets from when I did my first degree are, frankly, a little rough around the edges now!) to stationery and really ugly shoes (all the comfy shoes recommended for hospital placements are so so ugly! Come on Louboutin’s can’t you make a vaguely attractive and super comfy shoe for working in a hospital?!)

I’ve got also many lists of all the things I need to buy – so many things I need….and a whole separate list of things I’m lusting over, don’t really need but will probably end up buying anyway! (You know exactly what I mean!)

As the date gets closer, it is all starting to feel even more real, I actually think I’ve started to believe that I am going to be training to become a midwife (I think the huge pile of textbooks on my desk is probably helping with that realisation too!) I’m also becoming incredibly impatient. I am so excited for this new adventure. My little flat is going to be adorable (I’ll do a flat tour once I’m in and unpacked too!) and Cambridge is such a gorgeous city, I just can’t wait to explore more! I just can’t wait to get started now – it feels like time has slowed down and I’m counting the days until I can start packing up my little car!
I’m going to be living in an adorable studio flat for my first year – I wanted to live alone for first year simply because I really didn’t want to do halls again (been there, done that!) and I thought that since I haven’t done anything scientific since my GCSEs in 2006, I may need to put in some extra hours in the evenings. Some of the others on the course have come straight from a Biology degree or an “Access to Midwifery” course and I think I may have some serious catching up to do when we first start! I also think I’d struggle with serious FOMO if I was living with people and they wanted to all curl up and watch a movie or something and I needed to do extra reading…. This way I can put in the extra hours if I need to without feeling like I’m missing out and I can have my own space while I get used to my new life too!
Friday 16th September I get in the car and drive to start my new life…….can anyone deliver me a DeLorean so I can just skip forward in time to that date please?!? I just wanna start now!!! 🙂
To read about my decision to study Midwifery, click here.

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    Curious Journeying
    August 16, 2016 at 9:40 am

    Argh, I'm so excited for you! I'm starting my mental health nursing course in September as well – and in Oxford. So odd how similar our stories are :P. I'd love to hear more from you and if you fancy exchanging letters or e-mails about our transition from arts to healthcare that could be really fun.
    Best of luck with it! You look like you're getting really sorted for it. The pre-course meeting seems like a super idea 🙂

    Nicky xx |

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