Midwife Mondays 47: Exam week & First Year Finished!

That’s it! First Year is finished! I can’t quite believe it! I know I’ve said it before, but that has gone seriously quickly!

So, I realise this post is VERY late, but I’ve been on holiday and much as I had all the good intentions of whipping out my laptop on a sunbed, it simply didn’t happen, and I’m quite glad that it didn’t – my brain feels quite chilly now because of a bit of time away from the real world!

So, back to week ’47’, otherwise known as “Exam Week”! How scary does that sound?!

On the Monday we had our main exam – a two hour exam with 100 questions which literally ranged most of the material we have covered  in first year – a HUGE amount of information!
Honestly, I felt that this exam was in a completely different league to the mock exam we had taken a month earlier and I came out feeling really quite flat…I went through my answers towards the end of the exam and added up all the answers I thought I most probably had got right, and the ones I thought I had maybe got right, and worked out I had probably got something between 51 and 68 right….but I really wasn’t sure…it was a pretty tough one, and despite the months of revision beforehand, I did come out feeling really quite sick and wondering if I’d done enough to get the 40% and pass….

On the Wednesday we had our ‘Safe Medicate’ Drugs calculation exam. This exam is and hour long and is a computer based exam. I think because of the way my brain works, this exam is something I find quite easy – It just seems quite logical to me. But I know that several people find it really difficult so I guess it is down to how each individual’s brain works; I just feel very lucky that my brain understands it. In the exam you get presented with a prescription and have to put together the dosage that would equal the dose prescribed…how many tablets or how many mls etc. I felt quite confident after this exam and was pretty convinced that I had got the 80% needed to pass…

It was such a good feeling to finish that final exam – having done all my submissions, walking out of that exam was the end of the exam time and the start of my summer holiday! We flew off to Spain on the Saturday so I had a few days to shop and pack after my exams before we left – perfect timing!

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