Midwife Mondays 46: More submissions and final week of study leave!

As this post goes live, I will be heading into uni ahead of my exam – eek!

I actually feel quite well prepared for it at the moment…I think. I’ve spent the past couple of weeks going over the bits that I knew I wasn’t so comfortable with and generally quizzing myself on the stuff I think I know, and now I think I’m ready to just go in and do it…I hope!

Nothing more I can do now eh?!

So, what have I spent the last week doing? Well, the biggest thing was finally handing in my practice paperwork! Yay! I’ve spent the past few weeks chasing signatures before I could hand it in. I don’t care what people say, there is nothing you can do about it, you will miss someone! We were told at the very start of the year to be really organised when it comes to our practice paperwork and make sure that everything gets signed early, and I so have been! I don’t go anywhere without it! And yet, last week, I found myself calling the hospital to find out if certain midwives were working, and pestering my poor tutor when I found out that one is going to be on Annual Leave until after the submission deadline (Yes, I did nearly have some form of heart attack when I discovered that I wouldn’t be able to get hold of her before the deadline but my wonderful tutor has sorted it all now – thank goodness!)

So, I’m sure you can imagine my relief when I finally headed into the main uni building on Wednesday with the whole book of signatures and all the coversheets etc and handed the whole lot over to the team behind the desk! So exciting to have handed it in and have it all finished, finally! I would say that I’ll try to be more organised next year but I really have been very organised this year….maybe its just an inevitability that you are going to miss someone or they are going to sign in the wrong box or something.

Anyway, it’s done, and by 11am on Wednesday this week, all my exams will be too. Honestly, I can’t wait for them to just be out of the way and done now. I’m ready for a holiday and I don’t have to wait long for one either! We head to the airport on Saturday morning! If you follow me on instagram or twitter, prepare to see a lot of cocktails, hot dog knees by the pool, sunshine and paella over the next 10 days! Can’t wait!

Image by William Moreland

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    August 7, 2017 at 10:01 am

    I followed you from your first post and can’t believe you’ve finished your first year already. Congratulations! Look forward to next year.

    • Reply
      Rosie | A Girl On A Journey
      August 24, 2017 at 12:25 pm

      Thanks Linda! SO exciting! Can’t believe first year is done! Onto the next now! 🙂 x

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