Midwife Mondays 129: Back on the Antenatal Ward

So, week 129, I was back on the Antenatal ward, the first of 4 weeks, and it’s been so good to be back!

I said before, but I really enjoyed my last placement on the Antenatal ward and this week has just reminded me how much I like it.

It’s still been a busy week, and I’ve had a mix of days and nights which has been another little hurdle (just trying to remind my body that staying up all night is ok and I’m not actually dying – contrary to what it was telling me!)

This week, I was looking after women by myself, given a small section of the board that I was completely responsible for, and that was a really good experience – to look after these women (overseen, of course) and make plans for their care by myself was really good and a proper confidence booster  – I’ll be doing it all by myself in 6 months anyway so I’d better get some practice in!

I had a real mix of cases too, from threatened preterm labour through to chest pains and vomiting, and a bit of labour induction too; it was nice to realise that even though its been a few months since I’ve been on the antenatal ward, I do actually remember how it works and feel like I can give these women good care.

It really does feel like I’m heading towards the end of the course now; a lot more responsibility and trust is being given to me, and I’ve even been sorting my personal statement and my job application stuff too – eek!

I’ve got a few weeks left on this ward and I’m really looking forward to seeing what this time is going to bring!

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