Midwife Mondays 128: Final exam results and a bit of a break

Week 128 in this crazy course was a bit more of a gentle one.

It consisted of a bit of time for dissertation work, and then I completely turned my brain off and headed out to the mountains for a bit of time in the snow. I ate good food, drank good wine, laughed and spent time with the important people in my life – just what I needed! I will share more about the trip soon, but needless to say, it was AWESOME!

I’ve said it before but I think it’s really important to take time out and remind yourself that you are a human outside f the course; spend time with the people you love and turn your brain off a little – so I did, and it was amazing!!

It wasn’t a complete break from midwifery, however, in fact in that respect, it was still quite an exciting week.

The first thing, and something I’ve already shared on here, is that it was announced that I have been shortlisted for Student Midwife of the Year! So so excited and honoured and still definitely in shock! I’ve got my interview in London soon and then the award ceremony at the end of April – all hugely exciting, and I’m on such a huge high!

The second thing that happened was my final exam results came out, and I got the required 100% which means I don’t have to do any more exams on this course! Eek! It’s all getting closer!

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