Midwife Mondays 127: Lambing and Drug Calculation Exam

When I first started this course, I heard a whisper that the uni sends you to a farm to help out on a days lambing when you get to Third Year, and then I didn’t hear any more about it and totally forgot about it until we got an email about a month ago organising it.

Yes, on Wednesday a couple of weeks back, as you may have seen on my instagram, I spent the day on a farm!

We turned up and were shown around, including seeing some very very cute 4 week old lambs, and then we were talked through the process of labour in sheep (which isn’t dissimilar to labour in humans) and shown the expecting sheep. We spent the next few hours watching for any signs and having all our questions answered. It was interesting to hear the shepherd’s view on things – it made everything seem so simple, so cut-and-dry. I suppose we have so many more interventions for women now and it was quite nice to take it back to the real basics – and to remind us all that birth is a natural process.

We didn’t see any labouring ewes in the end – none of them went into labour – but we learned a lot and got to cuddle some adorable baby lambs too!

Thank you to the fantastic team at Boydell’s Dairy Farm – we had a really fab day! If you’ve got kids, this would be a fantastic day out! Their website is www.boydellsdairy.co.uk.

That week we also had our (fingers crossed) last ever exam! We had the same exam in first year – safe medicate drug calculations. In first year we had to get 80% minimum, but this year we have to get 100%…
I think it went alright and I double checked my answers so it’s just a case of waiting and crossing my fingers! Eek!

I also managed to use some more time to get bits of dissertation done too – a busy week but a very positive and different one!

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