Midwife Mondays 142: Patient Safety and more written work

This week has seen me desperately trying (and failing!) to bring myself back to earth! If you didn’t see my post on Wednesday (have a read here), M proposed on May 31st while we were down in Cornwall for a long weekend and I’ve been pinching myself since!

It still doesn’t feel completely real – but I’m getting there…slowly!

I really struggled pulling myself down to earth and getting my head down to work this week. I’m still on study time for my safeguarding module and I think I managed a good half a day of actual work….but then I found my mind wandering and I allowed myself to indulge in the excitement; exploring pinterest, downloading apps for wedding plans, looking for brilliant wedding planning books (if you’ve got any you recommend, please let me know!) and more – and actually I’ve always said I want to maintain a good work-life balance, and so allowing myself to get very girly and excited about getting engaged has been lovely!

Yes, I have work to do, and I need to crack on this week coming, but this past week, I needed that time to let it all sink in a little! 🙂

We also had one day in uni this week, going over some scenarios where patient safety is at risk and discussing our plan of care for each situation. There were some really interesting real-life scenarios put to us where we had to really think about how we should act. It will certainly make me look at the bigger picture a bit more when looking at cases, rather than taking everything at face value so much.

This week coming we have another study week – I’m planning to finish all my safeguarding work (hopefully!) and then we are in uni on Friday for a morning bereavement workshop which should be really interesting and I’m hoping will give us a few more tools to provide the best care possible when dealing with bereavement – it’s the one thing I don’t really feel prepared for at the moment.

Anyway, another week has flown by, and it’s only TEN WEEKS until I finish my course and then I’ll be a midwife! Eek! Can’t believe how fast this year is going!!

Image by unsplash-logoKelly Sikkema

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    Karen Page
    June 10, 2019 at 6:05 pm

    Polhawn Fort is a beautiful wedding venue on the cliff top.

    • Reply
      Rosie | A Girl On A Journey
      June 11, 2019 at 11:20 am

      It really is – we really like it; definitely on the list! 🙂

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