Midwife Mondays 126: Self-Led Study and Suturing revision

So week 126 was another week of self led study for the dreaded dissertation. I say “dreaded” but I’m actually starting to enjoy having an aspect of midwifery that I can really dive headfirst into and feel like I can have a bit more knowledge in. Most of the time on this course I’m just trying to remember processes and where everything is, so to feel like I almost have a “specialist subject” which I’ve been able to really read around and feel like I actually could have sensible academic conversation with someone about is quite nice – even if the actual dissertation writing process is tough!

I’ve identified all the themes that my research picks up on and have almost finished colour coding the research to these themes – should be able to really dive into the writing about the themes and specifics soon and thats a great feeling – definitely making progress!

We also had a session in uni this week – a revision session on suturing, getting to practice on the ox tongues again, which was really good! I actually quite enjoy suturing and I’m starting to feel like I really do know what I’m doing and less like I’m paranoid about how to tie the surgeon’s knots etc – practice makes perfect, eh!

I’m finding it quite hard to write too much about it all at the moment, simply because day-to-day, I’m really not doing anything that interesting, unless you find reading through a mountain of research thrilling….so its hard to find too much to tell you about really…but I’m sure you understand!

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