Midwife Mondays 125: Employability & Skills revision

Week 125 was another week of self-managed learning for our dissertation, with one day in uni.

I’ve been trying to use the time properly but wanted to make sure I had done all my research before I started putting words on a page – should lead to an easier overall process, I think! That said, this week I did start the writing process, which was really good! I worked out a specific structure for the overall dissertation and managed to do a couple of the smaller sections. Even though it wasn’t loads and loads of words, it was good to see something on the word count – feels a little less intimidating with words on the page!

We also had a day in uni for all things relating to employability – writing cvs, NHS job applications, interview prep and even a revision session on our skills for interviews (particularly neonatal resuscitation, breech delivery and shoulder dystocia) – the idea of interviews is all a little scary at the moment, but I hope it’ll all be ok!

Just gotta write a personal statement now, alongside my dissertation, my safeguarding module (which I will tell you more about in the next few weeks) drug workbooks, reflections and everything else! Sure feels like I’ve got a long list of things to do at the moment…! I’m trying not to let it overwhelm me, but honestly, this post-january part of third year is starting to feel like an insurmountable amount of work…and breathe!

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