Midwife Mondays 19: Research and Study Time

So just a really quick one today – because it is already nearly 5pm on Monday and I haven’t got round to writing this yet – oops!

Last week was the quietest week I’ve had since starting this course – we had one day in uni, the Monday, working on our research module. It was our last lecture of the module and now we just have to write the essay – eek!

The rest of the week was for self-led study time so I spent quite a bit of time reading over the research stuff to make sure I understood it all, and I had a couple of appointments with my caseload ladies, and then I had a bit of time to myself, which was lovely!

Last weekend I was up in Scotland because the head of the course of my first degree (musical theatre) was getting his professorship and a bunch of us were going back to perform in the professorial address so I caught a very delayed flight back this morning and headed straight into uni (Hence me writing this now!)

One of my caseload ladies is very close to term now so I am sitting here, half expecting the phone to ring any second telling me to get my butt down to the hospital for the delivery….it’s all a little bit mad!

As it was a quiet week, I don’t really have a huge amount more to say about this past week – but I know that will all change this week as we are starting our next module!

Hope you’ve all had a good week!

Image by Leonardo Wong

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