Midwife Mondays 71: Exam Results & Doing the little things

This week was my final week on my Maternity Assessment placement, and I’m actually a little bit sad to be leaving.

Yes, it has been a massive learning curve, and at some time has been completely overwhelming. It has made me feel like I have got SO MUCH more to learn, but at the same time, it’s also made me realise how much I have learned already. It’s been full on, but I’ve really enjoyed it – and it’s certainly kept my brain moving with all the variety with different cases coming in all the time – every day is certainly very different!

This week I had 3 shifts, and the main thing that has stuck out to me from these shifts is how far the tiniest gesture can go. I was looking after a lady this week who had been told she needed to deliver on the high risk unit due to her thyroid condition. She had previously had a baby on the Midwife Led unit and was perceptibly nervous about the concept of a “high-risk” unit. She had asked me about it a few times and I just thought, why don’t I see if I can show her the unit while she is in, to ease her mind a little.

Luckily, the unit wasn’t too busy, and I was free enough, so I took her through and showed her a delivery room. It can’t have been more than 30 seconds, but when we got back to the assessment unit, she burst into tears of gratitude that I had taken the time to try to help. It just reminded me how vulnerable some of these women can feel and how the smallest gesture in our eyes can make such a huge difference in their mind. So I’m making myself a little promise to always try to do the little thing that will make things better for the ladies I’m looking after, even if it means going out of my way a little – I mustn’t forget that it can make such a huge difference to them.

My three shifts flew by, which is probably a good thing as I’ve felt quite run down this week and like I could really do with about 3 weeks of sleep – so busy shifts was exactly what I needed!

Also on Friday this past week, the dreaded moment arrived – the moment for our exam results to be released from our huge complexities exam day back at the start of the month.

We had two papers on the day, and we had to pass both to pass the module – which, thankfully I did! I did significantly better in the CTG interpretation and long answer paper than the shorter case study paper, but still passed both quite well so I’m very pleased – and MASSIVELY relieved! That’s our last “sit-down” exam of the course – which is a little scary, but also quite exciting! Just OSCEs, essays, our dissertation and practice paperwork now! Eek!

Back in uni this week coming, with two new modules starting – quite looking forward to seeing what’s next, as well as working some sensible, civilised hours (albeit only for a week before I get back out onto my next placement!)

Image by Harry Brewer

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