Midwife Mondays 82: Back on Placement

Hello you wonderful lot!

Just a quick one today as I got buys over the weekend and didn’t manage to write this ahead of time (tut tut, I know, but at least I’m still getting this out on a Monday!)

So, last week was my first week back on placement after our easter break and a few weeks in uni and it felt like a really long one. I’ve mentioned on here before, but the postnatal ward really isn’t my favourite place to be working…I just find it really hard to give good care because we are always so short-staffed and rushed off our feet. It just creates quite a stressful work environment, at least, thats how I feel about it, but I know that there are others who love it – I guess it’s up the each individual…

So, anyway, I had three long day shifts last week, nicely spread throughout the week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and really, there is nothing specific to report…it’s normal postnatal care and trying to do the best you can when there are so many women needing different things.

I’ve found that to work at your best on this ward, it is all about organisation – writing lists and ticking things off as you do them so you keep track of what you need to do, whilst also providing the care and adding things to the list as you go…there’s definitely a knack to it!

The other thing that I’ve been focussed on with these few shifts, and will be for the next few weeks on this ward is paperwork. There seems to be quite a lot that we need to get signed off here this year, so I’ve been really conscious of taking the care of the baby on blog sugar monitoring so I can get that signed etc etc….again, not exactly how I like to provide care but needs must!

Otherwise, this week has been pretty uneventful. We had a reflection session where we got to catch up with the rest of the group and see where everyone is placed and how they are getting on there. And M came home from his snowboarding trip on Thursday so that’s been really nice to have him back again!

Hope you’re all having a good monday!

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