Midwife Mondays 49: Holidays and a Brain Break!

Yes, I know! I am late getting this post up….and have been late getting the last few posts up…but I’ve been on holiday, something which was so unbelievably overdue and necessary that the idea of even picking up my laptop while away was just not an idea I would even begin to entertain! So yes, my posts have been a bit all over the place in the last few weeks – but much as I probably should apologise for that, I’m not going to. I needed the break, and I feel so much better for it, and now we are on the cusp of it all going back to normal again, so it’s all fine 🙂

Yes, that ominous, yet slightly comforting (just me?) word, “routine” is looming again. I will have a sensible schedule again (well, as sensible as it gets for a student midwife!!) A schedule where I can know that I will have time on Thursday afternoon to write a post or will be able to spend Tuesday evening working on my blog because of everything else being so scheduled in. The past few weeks have been so blissfully-unscheduled, and I really have loved that time to really turn off, but I am looking forward to getting back to some semblance of reality!

As I write this, which I realise is quite a bit later than this post number 49 should have been published (can you believe I’ve written 49 of these posts?! Oh my god!), I am officially back into a “work week”. We actually have two weeks of placement before we officially start second year (technically they are part of first year but as we’ve had the summer and our exams & results already it’s kinda a bit of an in-between placement!) I’m back in the Midwife Led Birth Unit and honestly can’t wait!

I know being a midwife is so much more than catching babies, but it really does feel like it’s been AGES since I caught a baby so I’m extra excited for what this fortnight is going to bring (next week’s Midwife Mondays post will be sure to include lots of details!)

Anyway, what have I actually been up to over the past couple of weeks? Well…

We spent 10 days in a villa in Spain, which was lovely. M and I flew out on the Saturday Afternoon to meet my family who were already out there. Then they left on the Thursday and we had a lovely few days of just us, swimming in the sea, reading books, BBQing, drinking a little bit too much gin, and we even managed a couple of snazzy dinners out together too. 🙂

When we came back, we had about 3 days of sort-of reality…at least for him, back at work while I sat at home and made cottage pie (and posted the recipe here…in case you fancied checking it out!)…and then we were off again. We spent the bank holiday weekend down at my parents house in Cornwall, which was gorgeous. I swear that house is magical. Every time I go there, I come back feeling like a new person, or rather like different version of myself, younger maybe, without all the lists of jobs and the other grown-up things that normally whizz around my head at a thousand miles per hour. Those things simply get left behind somewhere on the A30 on the way down and we pick them up again when we leave!

We came back on Wednesday and since then, M has been back at work and I’ve been manically packing up my little studio flat ready for the move out. I feel like we’ve barely sat down since we got back, so really, I’m sure you can all understand why these posts have been a little pushed down the priority list recently!

Back to reality and normal weekly Monday posts it is from now on! Hope you’ve all had a lovely summer too!

To read last week’s Midwife Mondays post, click here:

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