Midwife Mondays 117: Revising and Visiting Hospitals

As I mentioned in my last post, Week 117 was spent up at M’s parent’s house. He was taking a course and I was trying to make the most of the revision time.

As we are planning on moving up to the area after I qualify, I took the opportunity to visit a couple of the hospitals I’m hoping to interview at whilst we were up there. I’d emailed in advance and thankfully the hospitals were all really receptive to me coming and having a look around.

Visiting other hospitals and seeing how they run and the different setups they have has really helped me know what I’m looking for in a workplace, as well as making me really excited to get going with interviews and qualifying.
All the hospitals were fab and the teams were so welcoming and happy to answer all my questions, even the really stupid ones!

I’ll start interviewing from February, which is really exciting if incredibly nerve-wracking, and after seeing these hospitals and the way they work, I’m absolutely buzzing to get started with this next leg of my life. M and I are planing on moving up after I finish so the end of my course is a huge shake up in our life – both exciting and scary in equal measures!

After seeing the hospitals, I spent the rest of the week swotting up on my very colourful revision notes, and spending a bit of time hanging out with M’s parents. It was really lovely to spend some proper time with them – we normally just see them for weekends or a few days at a time so to spend 10 days up there was so special!

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