We Have a New Addition: Bringing Home Our 8 Week Old Puppy!

M and I have wanted a dog for years – we’ve always talked about it. But we knew we had to wait for the right time in our lives – we wanted to make sure we were in our own house (a lot of rental contracts don’t allow pets) and that we have a big garden. We wanted to make sure we were in a position to be able to settle the puppy in and train it properly and patiently. There were lots of criteria we wanted to be able to fit – but that time has finally come!

We’ve known for a long time that when the time came, we wanted to get a Sprollie – a Border Collie crossed with a Springer Spaniel. M’s family had one and she was just the best dog, with the most wonderful character and temperament – lots of long walks and exploring – just the best dog.

So a couple of months after we moved into our house we started looking for litters and we found a litter of Sprollie puppies that were born on November 8th 2020, and were only 45 minutes away – having not seen a single litter of Sprollie pups in AGES, this was just meant to be!

If you watched my vlogmas over on Youtube, the day we hung the Christmas lights on the porch of our house was the day we first made contact with the breeder, and while we were hanging those lights, she was sending us pictures of him, and telling us about him. We had to wait ten days or so before we could meet him, so we just had to hope no-one put a deposit down on him before then – we were adamant we wouldn’t put a deposit down on a puppy we hadn’t seen; we wanted to check he was healthy and to meet his mum and see her character etc – so we just had to keep our fingers crossed! Thankfully, no-one did put a deposit down on him so we went to see him and he was perfect!

He was only 5 weeks old when we met him – we put a deposit down and then we just had to wait.

This video is a vlog of the entire process – but mostly from the day we brought him home at 8 weeks old. We are completely smitten!!!

Hope you enjoy meeting our new addition!

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