VIDEO: Midwife Night Shift Routine

I remember sharing a lot of my routines back when I was training; in fact I remember sharing so much when I was training and I really miss that! I miss this site and having the time to use it as I used to – my life has taken such a huge change in direction since having a baby, I am trying to find a way back to doing these things that I love whilst also being the best mum I can be, and that isn’t always easy!

But I have filmed 24 hours in my life whilst I worked a night shift recently so I hope you enjoy that! I will be sharing lots more on here over the coming months; I’m trying to create more content generally, but also to increase my YouTube content, so I will be sharing a bit of a hybrid on this site, sharing my videos and also some written pieces too; I just need to navigate how to spend time at my laptop with a toddler around who seems to find it the most exciting thing in the world – and already knows where the backspace key is!

Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

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