A Very Busy Sunday!

What a busy week it has been! I have got so many ideas going around in my head like London commuters on a monday morning but this week have had absolutely no time to put any of these ideas onto paper!

So the show is officially open now – we have run our 6 preview performances and, as of our press night on Monday, we are up and running.

Some people have shown interest in what I actually get up to on a day to day basis now the show is up and running, so, on Sunday, I took a few pictures of what I got up to!

8.30am – When your alarm wakes you up on a Sunday morning after a long week of tech and previews, its gonna take a pretty strong cup of tea to pursuade you out of bed! I had a lot of admin from the week to do, that I had been putting off so I had to get up to do that!

12.15pm – I left the house and headed to the theatre, via starbucks, of course!

1.00pm – Arrived at the theatre. A few general helps to cast & team and then into my dressing room.

1.30pm – Started doing my make up for the show.

2.00pm – Warm up. This show in particular is quite a big sing so it is really important to warm up properly pre-show.

2.25pm – “the half”, meaning half an hour to the “beginners” call. In my case, it was time to get out of my fluffy dressing gown, into costume and to do my hair!

2.45pm – Last check of bits of costume, hair and makeup as the audience take their seats!

2.55pm – “Beginners” call (meaning 5 minutes to go, and the people who are on stage first to head to the stage and standby for the start)

3.00pm – Curtain up – and we were off!

5.30pm – Curtain down – Show went well, we had such a lovely sunday audience in!
I then had to make a very quick change and to rush down to my car to head to the Union theatre in southwark for “Live and Acoustic”, a gig I was performing in that night.

6.00pm – Arrived at the union theatre ready for sound check.

7.30pm – Sound check finished. Last makeup touching up and ready to go.

8.00pm – Gig started. I had a song in each act so it was very nicely spread and I got to watch everyone else up there doing their thing – and they were SO worth watching!

10.30pm – Gig finished. Hopped back into my car and drove home for some well deserved dinner and sleep!
Such a great gig with some really really incredible performers – definitely looking forward to the next (hoping they’ll have me back!)

Post-show, post-gig selfie – looking particularly tired now!

Now the show is up and running, and our matinees are only on weekends, I should have a bit more time on my hands to get my ideas down on paper!

Hope you enjoyed a little insight into the madness that is my life at the moment! It’s crazy, but I wouldn’t change it for a minute!!

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