Cutter & SquidgE: Sunday is Cake Day!

Now, obviously, I am in rehearsals and meant to be eating salad all the time before we open the show this week but everyone is allowed a cheat day right?! And I simply couldn’t resist it when James from Cutter & Squidge, also part of the cast of ‘Duncton Wood’, invited me to visit and try their yummy treats on Sunday!

The first thing I will say is, yes, these are cakes, but they are more like pieces of art – The creativity and thought that goes into each of these cakes is incredible – and they only use natural ingredients and colourings so it’s pretty much as good-for-you as cake can get!

The Cutter & Squidge pop-up store is on Brewer street in soho and is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for a mid-shopping cuppa and a “Biskie”. This pop-up store will be there for the next month or so, but they will be opening a permenant soho base after that so follow them on twitter for more information on that!

Like I mentioned in my “Tart: My New Brunch Treat!” post, I am a huge advocate of independent coffee shops and cafes, and Cutter & Squidge is another great example of one of these – and I love it! They are independent and they make cake and ‘Biskies’ using “the finest ingredients, 100% natural – no hydrogenated fats or funny stuff!” – what more do you need?!?

Cutter & Squidge’s trademark product, and one which I foresee being a serious temptation every time I find myself in soho in the future is their “Biskie”.

Described as “a creation of biscuit/cookie/cake filled with our special lightened buttercream, handmade jams, caramels and other delights,” they are basically a cakey, cookie sandwich – um YUM!

All the biskies and cakes are homemade and look incredible! They even have massive colourful gelatin-free vegetarian marshmallows, and their own honeycomb and salted caramel sauce for sale (I will be coming back and buying some as soon as this show is done and I’m allowed more than one cheat a week!)

Added onto all of this – they are SO reasonably priced – with a “Biskie” ranging from £2.95 – £3.50 and a slice of their gorgeous cakes for only £3.95! You can also buy their cakes whole and they cater for parties, weddings and corporate events too – I’ve already warned them that I will most probably be ordering a HUGE quantity of “Biskies” for my wedding – just gotta find the poor sucker and get him to propose first! Ha!

Now I have to get back on track after my scrummy cheat day by gorging myself on lettuce and eargerly awaiting the arrival of my new spiralizer (which I’m actually really excited about and will inevitably feature in a post very soon!)

Has anyone else been into Cutter & Squidge since their pop-up store opened? Anyone planning on going?

I promise there is a lot more “Lifestyle” related posts coming up over the next few weeks after a few food related posts in a row – I just couldn’t resist writing about these cakes, could you?!?!

I have my thursday weekly post scheduled already for this week as I will be up to my eyeballs in the show by then (our first preview is on wednesday!) and – spoiler alert – it includes my secret remedy for curing a bad day, no matter what has been going on – I guarantee you will have a giggle!

Cutter & Squidge can be found at 4 Brewer Street, Soho.

FOOD PORN TIP: Follow @cutterandsquidge on Instagram – seriously. Just take my word for it. CAKE  LUST!

They can also be found on twitter at @cutter_squidge, facebook at and pinterest at

Their website is or call them for a chat (they are all very friendly!) on 0207 371 7056.

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