Recipe: Skinny Breakfast Omelette Muffins

As many of you know from my “Hungover Bank Holiday Weekend & I’ve Got A New Job!” post, I am in rehearsals for a new show, ‘Duncton Wood’, at the moment – and it is already looking absolutely stunning! What I didn’t know until I started rehearsals is the the costume in this show is all very flesh coloured and skin tight, and the majority of the boys have their shirts off (which, frankly, is not a problem at all – we have a bunch of bloody gorgeous boys!)

Because of the figure-hugging, revealing element to the costume of this show, we have all been eating really healthily (as you might have seen from my instagram!) – the boys have been consuming protein, protein and more protein, and the girls have been eating more greenery than the average forest-based herbivore!

The thing I have struggled with is breakfast. I am not a morning person. At all. So the last thing I feel like doing first thing in the morning is getting out of my warm duvet coccoon any earlier than absolutely necessary to make poached eggs and broccoli or some equally healthy alternative (which I would love, but takes a minute or two!)

I also normally have to wait until I’ve been awake an hour or so to eat, and sudddenly being in rehearsals with relatively early starts has made this really tricky.

After scouring through the internet and the instagrams of everyone I know (and everyone I don’t!) I discovered Omelette Muffins and decided to give it a go!

I didn’t follow a recipe, but these have turned out quite nicely so I will write out what I did in case any of you want to give them a try. They are great cold and I’ve been taking them to rehearsals in my bag and eating them with a cup of tea once I get there and my body is actually ready to eat something – and I also get those sacred 15 minutes extra in bed!

What You Will Need

(Makes 12)

  • 1 Red Pepper
  • 1/2 Green Pepper
  • 12 Large Eggs
  • 1 Muffin Tray (with 12 Muffin Holes)

How To Do It

  1. Finely dice the peppers and share them out equally in the tray.
  2. Whisk the eggs. You can do all the eggs together but I found it easier to do it one egg at a time as the muffin moulds pretty much hold exactly one egg each.
  3. Pour one whisked egg per muffin mould and gently mix with the peppers – just so they don’t all stay at the bottom.
  4. Put in the oven at 175 ‘C for 20 minutes.
    They will rise A LOT in the oven and then sink a little as they cool.

I am almost out of this batch, I’ve been having two each morning since I made them, and I think then next batch I might try putting a little bit of ham in to add a little more yum to them.

If anyone tries these themselves, dont forget to tweet me a picture! Ooh and let me know if you have any extras that you add to them – I’m desperate to try them with chorizo too but I think that might make them a bit less healthy!

If anyone wants more information about ‘Duncton Wood’, click here.

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