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This month has been such a busy one, I’ve barely sat still! There’s been events, meetings, travel, so many exciting unexpected things and so so much tea! I love being busy, and I love being a part of this blogging world, whose role seems to be growing for me almost daily and turning into something much bigger than I expected it to be.
It makes me happy and gives me a kick up the backside daily to do exciting things and make the most of my time. I’m taking opportunities I never thought I’d get the chance to take (more on that later this month!) and getting the chance to go to events and meetings that make me nearly wee a little with excitement – I’m a happy girl!

Ok, September favourites:

1. My New Logo

This is a tease actually – you don’t get to see it until it is launched TOMORROW!!
This logo is something I am SO EXCITED about – and the reason it is on my “favourites” is that it’s taken a lot of time this month, with my amazing designer, Harriet, of the De Winton Paper Co, picking apart her hard work until I was completely happy with it to get it to the finished product it is now – and I am buzzing about it!

I cannot wait to get up on my blog and see it up there – Harriet has put so much effort and detail into it and I really feel that it encompases everything that “A Girl On A Journey” is – I cannot wait for you all to see it!

To see it first, check back here tomorrow at 9am!

2. To Do. To Be.

Another one of my talented friends has released an album!
Tim Prottey-Jones is one of those sickeningly talented people who is not only going from one West-End show to another but he is also a fantastic musician and songwriter! His new album is absolutely stunning – I can’t stop listening to it, and singing along!
Tim has got some fantastic performers involved in this album, including Emma Hatton (currently playing Elphaba in Wicked), Alistair Brammar (recently finished playing Chris in Miss Saigon), Declan Bennett (recently played Guy in Once), Arthur Darvill (Broadchurch and also played Guy in Once) and so many other fantastic names from across this industry.

A special mention has to go to Andrew Bateup who has one of the most gorgeous voices I’ve ever heard (or sung with) – and he sounds incredible on this album! (There’s a video of the two of us duetting at couple of years back at the Actor’s Church, Covent Garden, here.)

I’ve had the pleasure of recording several demos for Tim in the past, as well as being in a band with him and he really is as talented as it says on the tin – and the album is truly a testament to that.
I’m a very proud friend!

I can’t recommend the album enough, it’s got some really great songs on it – my personal favourites being “You” (Evelyn Hoskins and Brian Gilligan) and “Regret Me” (Ambra Casserotti). I promise, you won’t be able to sit still!
You can find the album on iTunes here.

3. Demon Tz Silk Scarf

I know I have written about these scarves before but I am completely obsessed – They really are so gorgeous. I have gone from being a girl that had never owned a silk scarf to a girl that is rarely seen without one thanks to these guys! I wear them in my hair, around my neck, or tied to my handbag pretty much at all times – in fact, this one made it’s way with me to London Fashion Week!

They are 100% silk and the colours are so vibrant and haven’t faded at all – they’ve been to the US and back, in the sun and in the rain and they are still as vibrant and beautiful as they day they arrived on my doorstep! I’m a girl obsessed!

Their full range can be found here.
You can also see my post “The Iconic Silk Scarf Is Back!” here.

4. Crime novels (picture above)

I blame Hannah Gale entirely for this one. After reading her post about all the dark autumn reading she has been doing I’ve totally got back into reading these dark novels – I even went out and bought a few more, because who doesn’t love a good bookshop?!

I seem to find myself getting distracted a lot at the moment with being so busy so I’ve made myself a little promise to make more time to read – I forgot how much I love curling up with a good book and a cuppa – and it’s good for winding down the brain with all the rushing around and ideas swirling about!

5. Infruition Water Bottle

I am totally terrible for drinking enough water – I know I need to, but somehow the logic vanishes between cups of tea and I just forget.
When the lovely people at Infruition Water offered to send me one of these fantastic bottles to try out I thought it would be a great opportunity to persuade myself to drink more water – and it worked!

These bottles make water exciting! Yay! A few strawberries or a couple of chunks of cucumber and suddenly I’m drinking water like it’s going out of style!
The bottle itself has an inner section for putting the chunks so you don’t end up choking on a slice of lemon or a grape, and then you put the water in the bottle, screw the lid on and you are good to go.

I also really loved the “recipe book” that came with it – with 12 of their recommended combinations for really yummy and good-for-you water flavourings. I’m absolutely desperate to try the Pomegranate, Papaya, Lime and Watermelon flavour – sound amazing!

Thank you Infruition Water! 🙂

6. London Fashion Week

Last week I was at London Fashion Week as an invited blogger. That, in itself, is a very exciting sentence!

I had never been to London Fashion Week before and honestly had no idea what to expect…I’m pretty sure I’m still processing some of it, but it really was one of those experiences that is so completely individual and not comparable to anything else I’ve done!

I’m still not entirely sure it is my bag exactly – I loved the shows, but I don’t know if I understood it all as much as I should have done if I had a bit more fashion knowledge etc. I guess I’m a lifestyle blogger, and I’ve never said I’m a fashion blogger, so actually, what I found most interesting about the whole experience was the atmosphere and the people, rather than the clothes – it was amazing. The people are so individual, and their individuality is embraced. It’s a little bubble in the heart of soho where you can be whatever you want to be, and the more unique you are, the more you are celebrated.

I really enjoyed the whole experience – you can read my post about the Fyodor Golan show here and my post about the Daks show and the things I learnt here.

September has been a good month – let’s see what October has in store!
What were your favourites in September? Let me know below! 🙂

*Some of these items were gifted to me, however all views are my own.*

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