The Apprentice: Episode 3

London is a funny little bubble isn’t it? I was wandering through Paddington station last night whilst waiting to find out my train platform preparing myself for what was definitely going to be a long and boring train journey when…

“Really odd question…are you at paddington station?! xx”

A message from an old friend and fellow performer pinged up on my phone – I hadn’t seen Emilie in years and I find that London always throws people across your path at the most unexpected of times. We were both getting the same train so we spent the whole journey giggling, reminiscing and catching up (whilst remaining slightly smug that we had been quick enough to not only get a seat, but a table seat, while there were many standing in the aisles) – it was a really lovely turn around to my journey, which I was sure was going to be fairly dull and full of me desperately trying to get the left ear of my headphones to work (they went through the wash recently and since then the left ear is a bit temperamental!) instead of sentimental catch ups and a bit of gossip!

Anyway, my evening just continued to get better when I arrived home to last night’s episode of “The Apprentice” – all ready and waiting for me on Sky +.

The only thing about watching a bit behind everyone else is that you can’t tweet along – it’s one of the things I really enjoy about “The Apprentice” – people get so riled up (myself included!) and tweeting along with your opinions and quoting some of the truly abhorrently stupid quotes is just brilliant fun!

Last night’s episode was no disappointment either!

If you haven’t watched it yet, this is your opportunity to look away…….


Ok, you can’t say you weren’t warned!

I thought both teams last night were, for the majority, Merde! (Shite, in french!)

I thought the boys won by the skin of their teeth, they were disorganised, made decisions about locations that were, without any argument, wrong, and Sam was not given enough credit for his fantastic control of the whole situation with his grasp of the french language which was a completely invaluable asset to the Boy’s team.

On the Girl’s Team, Vana started by addressing the attitude between the girls and saying that she wanted there to be no “Cattiness” on this task. What I didn’t realise she was saying by that was that if anyone was Catty to her she would be having none of it but that she could be as catty as she wanted to everyone around her and if they disagreed she would shut them up (in the case of Selina, by literally putting a hand in her face!!)
I think the girls need a good talking to.
Yes, women are competitive.
Yes, women trying to make their way in business need to be able to stand on their own two feet and make themselves heard, often in a predominantly male environment.
However, these girls were acting like kids in a playground. It was embarrassing. These are some highly intelligent, positive women with ambition and confidence to boot and they were squabbling and throwing strops right, left and centre!

I think both teams struggled with flexibility in this task. I think there should have been an understanding of which products should be attempted to be found in which location beforehand, however when something was proving hard to find, both teams needed to be more flexible – helping each other out.

This task, in that respect, felt very much like a task of 4 teams, instead of 2. The sub-teams were blaming each other instead of being flexible and supporting each other. I think that is were the teams fell down, and both teams were guilty of it.

Also, why was Joseph in France when he obviously speaks precisely zero words of french?! As PM he should have chosen to be in the place where he could best control the situation – instead, in this case, he headed to France and stood by whilst everyone else did the work and then got stroppy when he couldn’t understand the language! Not sure that was his best decision yet and if the boys had lost I think this would have been something to bring up in the boardroom.

I think Vana was very tactful by not bringing Selina back into the boardroom – of course, this whole process is about tactics as well as the individual tasks – you could tell that Vana wanted to bring Selina back, but we all know by now that Selina can fight her cause if she needs and I think, if it had come to it and Vana had brought her into the boardroom, it wouldn’t have been Selina going home out that pairing.

I think it’s a real shame that Jenny has gone. I also think Elle was wrongly brought back in to the boardroom – she did what she was told by Vana, against her best instincts, because she was following the PM.

I think Vana should have been the one fired last night. In this task Vana proved herself to be more than a little bit bitchy at times – and at the end of the day, she made the mistakes and she made the judgements that led to the failure of the task – she should have been sent home. I agree with the comments about Jenny, but I think maybe it should have been a warning that she needs to up her game, rather than a straight up firing? What do you think?

Can’t wait to see what Lord Sugar comes up with next!
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