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They are British, they are independent, they are unique and they are completely gorgeous – Ever since I first came across Yull Shoes, I just knew I was going to be a big fan!
Sarah Watkinson-Yull started Yull shoes in 2011 and since has turned it into a spectacular brand that is turning heads across the country. 

Her creative designs are completely stunning and her quirky originality, including adding “The Flash” logo on one of her designs is nothing but commendable (and a fab idea!). The shoe market is one which is extremely densely populated, and finding a brand that has really made their own niche and is flourishing in it is a real treat. 

What makes me love the brand even more, if that is even possible, is that Sarah Yull, the designer, brains, heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears behind Yull Shoes is a complete gem! 

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“Chartwell Green” – I’m in Love!

We had spoken early this summer, when I was lucky enough to be gifted this pair of Yull Shoes which I am completely in love with still (just look at them below – GORGEOUS!), and we had stayed in touch on instagram, commenting on each other’s photos. Me, lusting over her gorgeous shoes and her tiny tiny new puppy, and her commenting and liking photos of the mad things that I’ve been getting up to, or the silly faces I manage to pull.

I popped in to the office on Monday to say hi, take in some treats (I refuse to turn up to someone’s office without treats of some kind!), lust over Sarah’s latest designs and also to meet her in person, as well as her gorgeous assistant, Nguyen, and her absolutely ADORABLE maltese puppy, Jack (who has his own Instagram account – he’s that cute!)

We drank cups of tea, filled ourselves up on macaroons and chatted until I literally had to drag myself out of the office and back onto the tube to get to a meeting. 

There are so many aspects of this technological revolution that people whinge about, but how great is it that you can discover a new, fantastic brand, and have whole conversations with people who may never have crossed your path without the internet?! People who, when you finally meet in person, you don’t stop chatting with until all the tea is gone, you have a bit of a sugar buzz from macaroons and you literally have to leave or you will miss all your commitments for the rest of the day. Well done Internet – you did good here babes! 🙂

Have a look at the website yourself – Christmas is coming (I’m allowed to say that now it’s November!), so whether you leave a not-so-subtle hint for your boyfriend/husband/mum/dog/cousin’s-wife’s-best-friend that you are lusting over a pair for yourself, or you are stuck for what to get your mum/sister-in-law/auntie/anyone-who-loves-a-cheeky-new-pair-of-shoes, I reckon a pair of these would make a FAB christmas present!

I particularly love the “Borough Gold & Black” – they are just so sparkly and perfect for a christmas party, and the “Primrose Purple” – such a unique design – very snazzy! 🙂 (see pic below)
I also had a nose at the new range for next season and already have several that I am completely lusting over – can’t wait for them to come out so I can get my hands on some! 

Left: Borough Gold & Black
Right: Primrose Purple

R xx

Yull Shoes can be found at www.yull.co.uk, on Twitter @yullshoes and Instagram @sarahyull
Jack, The Puppy can be found on Instagram @iamjackthemaltese – He’s super cute (and I got a cuddle – you jealous?!)

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