WIN: Bring Your Memories To Life!

We all love how easy it is to capture a moment. Quickly pull out your phone and within a few touches to the screen you have caught that moment forever. You can look back at that moment in 10 years time and it will be there, digitally immortal. How awesome is that?!

The only thing is, do we ever look at them if they are hidden deep in the depths of a hard-drive?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have those special photos where you can see them without having to search?
Without the 15 minute fumble through your hard-drive to find that one photo of that new year in Edinburgh or the night you all dressed up and went rollerskating resulting in a spectacular bruise on your backside, or when you went travelling and saw baby elephants in the wild?
Surely those photos that really mean the most should be stuck on your bedroom wall, strung up in the living room or put in one of those lovely fancy frames that hold loads of photos, so you always have those moments there on show to make you smile?!

And what happens if there is a laptop error and your hard-drive is wiped?

I had problems with my laptop recently and, even though I had a backup, it looked like my backup was faulty and for about 12 hours I, and the team at apple (who provided an amazing over the phone service to a very emotional me at 11 at night!) were convinced that I had lost every photo I have ever taken and I was, understandably, completely devastated.
I want to keep those memories forever and as soon as I worked out that they were safe (thank goodness!) I backed everything up in about 589074 places and made a promise to myself to get more photos printed, to have them there so I can actually see them and, you know, just in case!

I am now very excited to tell you guys that I have a fantastic giveaway to offer you so you too can save your memories and have them on show instead of hidden inside your computer hard-drive!
The guys at Cheerz, the photo printing app and website, are offering you the chance to win a “Cheerz Box”. Not just one of you however, but THREE! Yeah, that’s right, THREE WINNERS!

The Cheerz Box comes in two gorgeous designs and contain up to 45 photos – you can even personalise the white space on the bottom of the polaroid-style photo to say things like “David’s Birthday 2014” or “sooooo drunk!” – great for yourself but also, an AMAZING christmas present for someone you love!

Not only can you win one of these boxes of your photos by entering the giveaway below, I also have a discount code to give you guys £4 off any order – just enter the promotional code “GIRLRO” at the checkout.
So, what are you waiting for? Bring your memories to life today!

To win, just enter the giveaway below – you can get yourself extra entries too – so good luck!
The three winners will announced on this blog, on twitter and will be contacted directly by email on Monday 16th November – 2 weeks from today! 🙂


R xx
(Mobile viewers may wish to click “View Web Version” below to view the giveaway on this page)
* This Cheerz Box was gifted to me, though as always I wouldn’t have written about it or be running this giveaway if I didn’t think it was adorable! *
Cheerz can be found in the app store or online here.

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    Rhian Westbury
    November 2, 2015 at 11:38 am

    I love these sorts of boxes and you're right they would make an amazing Christmas present! *fingers crossed* x

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