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So yesterday was a day of adapting and sorting a few things out now I’m back in the UK, but one thing that did hit me was that even though I’m not surrounded by snow, and there isn’t a snowman on every corner, it feels so very festive being here! There are Christmas lights everywhere, the tree is up, and I’m bursting to get some mince pies cooking so I thought I’d do the Christmas Tag post for you guys today.

So I wasn’t nominated to do this, I just wanted to do a Christmas Tag post, and the questions are an amalgamation of several posts I found online but I hereby nominate you all so get answering and drop me a tweet if you do it, or leave your answers in the comments below, I’d love to see what you guys come up with too!

1. Presents – Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning? 
Absolutely Christmas Morning! I’m a proper little kid when it comes to Christmas and there was always something so magical about running downstairs on Christmas morning and finding out if Father Christmas had been. My parents were always quite mean though and made us have a proper hot breakfast before checking if Father Christmas had been – Christmas Morning always consists of hot ham and poached eggs (just a tradition) and as a kid I never ate breakfast faster than on that morning!

2. Favourite Festive Food?
Oooooh tricky……I don’t think I can narrow it down to one thing. I really can’t. I LOVE mince pies. I LOVE my mum’s home made sausage rolls (recipe coming on the blog this week). I LOVE pigs in blankets. And the general canapés and nibbles around at Christmas are just so yummy…..(cue tummy rumble!)

3. Favourite Christmas Scent? 
No question, the smell that comes off the Christmas Tree. I’m so strict about trees….they have to be real, because that smell is just MAGIC!

4. Christmas Eve Traditions?
These I thin have evolved as the years have passed by but I have, for the past 7 or 8 years, served canapés at a family friend’s drinks do for a few hours on Christmas Eve. It is always really lovely, 4 or 5 of us cooking sausage and puff pastry nibbles and passing round champagne – then we get paid and shoot off to the same bar down the road from where I live where everyone I went to sixth form with goes each Christmas eve. There are some people I don’t see at all apart from once a year on Christmas Eve, so it’s such a lovely little tradition to have now.

5. What is on the top of your tree?
An Angel. The same Angel for as long as I can remember. She is very very old now, but she is so beautiful. Every year we try to remember who put the Angel on the tree last year to see who’s turn it is, and every year, no-one can remember! 🙂

6. As a Kid, what extravagant thing did you always ask for but never receive? 
Every year I used to ask Father Christmas for an everlasting chocolate bar (even as a child I was a chocoholic!) and one year he did actually deliver (in kind) with a Dairy Milk chocolate bar over a yard long – it lasted me weeks – not exactly everlasting but near enough!

7. What do you wear on Christmas Day?
I always struggle with this one – I tend to aim for something that look a bit sassy and party-like but also has room for ALL THE TURKEY…..dunno what I’m going to wear this year….I’ll try to get an OOTD on Instagram though!

8. Have you finished Christmas Shopping yet?
Ummmmmm……no. I’ve started. And I think I’m onto a winner with my dad’s present this year, but everyone else still needs a bit of work. I’ve got bits and bobs but not near finished yet….eek! Gotta get a wiggle on!

9. What Christmas TV Special are you most looking forward to this year?
This year, it has to be Downton Abbey. The plots on Downton have become a bit nothing-y recently, but Christmas specials are always dramatic on Downton and this is the last episode EVER, so it has to be awesome – can’t wait!

10. Is Christmas a small group or everyone you can squeeze around the table? 
For us it is definitely as many as we can squeeze in. Christmas morning we always go to a family friend’s for drink and nibbles, then back to set up for lunch. We tend to have mum’s side of the family (who live locally) on Christmas day, and then dad’s side of the family (who live further afield but drive down) on boxing day, which, yeah, basically means we get two Christmases! 🙂

Let me know your answers in the comments or tweet me a link! 🙂

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