A Fairly Glamorous Few Days

My life has been a little bit mad the past few years – I’m used to it – with an audition one day and a meeting the next, an event another day and on stage in a snazzy dress the next….but a couple of weeks ago, I really hit the crazy life jackpot for 3 exciting and mad days!

I started by heading to the Bristol Hippodrome for the Mamma Mia UK Tour press night – My wonderful friend David, who I’m sure you will see a lot more of over the next few weeks as we are going to Spain together in 17 days (not that I’m counting or anything…..can’t wait!), is currently understudying the role of Sky in the tour and he had invited me as his date to the press night party for their opening!

Then, I had a day in London with a load of blog meetings and the wonderful chocolate masterclass event at Hotel Cafe Royal, with little Twiglet in tow (he had to be at one of the meetings and he needed to be with me for the following day.)

That night I drove to Kent, Twiglet and I stayed in a lovely B+B and then the next day we had an amazing bridal photoshoot, which we had both been booked for! All I can say is, yes, I love doing modelling shoots, and dressing up in pretty dresses and having my hair and makeup done – I love it – but seeing little Twiglet sitting on a wedding cake and sniffing at all the sugar flowers just made my week – SO CUTE!

So, knowing I had this busy few days coming up, I actually remembered to vlog!

I know I’ve not got into the habit properly yet, but I think a lot of that is because I don’t have a set routine at the moment – I’m having my summer before starting at uni and that means I’ll vlog when I remember but my routine is all over the shop…..but I did remember to vlog for these few exciting days – so have a look! Hope you enjoy – it’s even got a cheeky store of makeup tutorial at the beginning too as I get ready for the party!

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