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This week has been another busy one when it comes to blogger mail – my poor postman must be counting the days until I move to Cambridge just so he doesn’t have to deliver so many parcels! I mean the poor man just gets greeted by me in my pyjamas every day, bed hair and no makeup – poor bloke!As you will know if you read my previous Must-Haves post, I have recently been working with The Blogger’s Hangout (now SocialBerry) on their Foodie & Beauty Must-haves and so a large proportion of my blogger mail this week was products for this. This week has brought a bit of variety of products for me to share with you guys, so here we go!

Haribo Frenzy Carnival

Just imagine my reaction to opening a brown paper parcel to find a carnival coloured box with the word “Haribo” on it! Now imagine my reaction when I opened it and it started playing music! This was absolutely the most exciting PR parcel I think I’ve ever opened – I mean, it played carnival music! I’m definitely keeping the box simply so that every time I open it, it makes me smile! Inside this colourful and musical box was a lot of coloured tissue paper ribbons and two big bags of Haribo – their new Limited edition range “Frenzy Carnival”, in both Starmix and Tangfastics.

They have new shapes, and new flavours, all following the Carnival theme – my favourites have to be the green and purple, lime and mango flavoured ring, and the grapefruit and pineapple fizzy bottle! Yum! These new limited edition bags are available now, so keep your eyes peeled for them! 🙂

Perkier Bars

There are a lot of health food bars out there, and it’s often difficult to know what is actually good for you and what is simply good marketing. Looking at the details of this range, there is no way to argue it, these are definitely going to be good for you. They are full of protein and fibre, 100% vegetarian and vegan, are gluten, wheat & dairy free and are full of your omega 3s too – what are they made of then, if they have no gluten, wheat or dairy?!

These bars are made with natural ingredients such as chia seeds or cacao, and the bulk of them is made from quinoa (which we all know is super good for you) I was convinced that something this good for you couldn’t taste good but I was pleasantly surprised – The Goji berry and Cranberry flavour in particular was definitely my favourite – very yummy, however I am yet to be convinced by the Cashew, Chia and Pumpkin seed flavour….maybe I could be persuaded if they drizzled it in chocolate, but I guess that kinda defies the point!

Suki tea – Tea Treasures

If you have read this blog for longer than about 3 minutes, or seen my instagram/twitter/facebook/youtube or in fact, anything else about me, you will know I am a COMPLETE tea addict – so when I saw that Suki tea were part of the latest Must-haves delivery, you can imagine how pleased I was! Now, normally I’m a builder’s brew, white no sugar kinda gal, but when these gorgeous loose leaf teas arrived on my doorstep, I just had to give them a try! The flavours I was sent were; White Tea Elderflower, Apple Loves Mint, Green Tea Sencha and Belfast Brew. Each tea also came with a card to explain a bit more detail about it’s origins and its optimum brewing time etc.

Needless to say, and potentially very boring-ly of me, the Belfast Brew was absolutely my favourite – but I have to say I did really enjoy the other flavours too, particularly the “Apple Loves Mint”. There is something about loose leaf tea, it just tastes a bit more “real” – here’s hoping that Suki tea are looking for an ambassador because once I go back onto a student budget in September its gonna be Sainsbury’s basics tea bags all the way….:-(

Yushoi Snapea Rice Sticks

These I was totally intrigued by when I first read about them. Yushoi are baked rice stick snacks made from green peas! These are low calorie, high flavour snacks with a real japanese influence. They come in sharing bags or in a 96 calorie or less (depending on the flavour) individual bags – so you can pop some in your bag to have with your lunch at work without feeling guilty. I have to say I didn’t know what to make of them to start with, I nibbled on a couple and didn’t really know whether I liked them or not, but on trying the different flavours they really surprised me.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Sweet Chilli and Lemon flavour is the best. I wasn’t hugely convinced by the Soy and Balsamic vinegar flavour, but maybe that’s just a matter of personal taste! The company also seem to have fantastic ethics, with a huge amount of their motivation to create their products based around the Government’s criteria to encourage better eating habits and decree obesity in the UK – they claim to have “big ambition” and “will work around a core set of values and principles” – sounds great to me!


Now, I have always said that I will be entirely honest on this blog – and in this case this is something that I find very difficult. I can see the logic behind this product, but it just isn’t something I would ever use – so I find it very hard to provide a proper review. Slissie is an electronic slimming aid aimed at serial snackers – the idea behind it is when you are craving something sweet, you use this vaporiser-style Slissie to give you a taste of something sweet without actually indulging. Like I said, I can see the logic behind it.

I have no doubt that this product will work really well for other people, but for me, I’d rather treat myself to something healthy and yummy like a handful of raspberries, rather than fill my body with “appetite suppressing flavours” – I guess it really is down to personal opinion. I also can’t seem to find any information about what is actually in the flavours (which taste a bit too chemically for my liking too…) there is just a lot of use of the phrase “commonly used food preservative” – Like I said, it may well work for others and I don’t disregard that, but it’s just not for me.

Pic’s Really Good Peanut Butter

There isn’t really much to say except YUM! I love peanut butter, and this is a really really good one, as the name suggests! I has no added sugar, no palm oil or additives etc – it is simply peanuts and a pinch of salt – yum, yum, yum! I was sent a jar of the smooth and a jar of the crunchy and i really love them both – though I’m a girl partial to a bit of crunch in her PB on toast, but I’ll definitely use the smooth too….maybe I’ll make my chocolate and peanut butter brownies again…..:-) That’s all I can say really – it says “really good” on the jar, and they certainly aren’t lying!


I’m not an overly squeamish person, but when I opened the envelope and these fell out I did have a momentary cringe at the idea. You see, these are another healthy snack bar, but the thing that makes these bars unique is that they are made using cricket flour. No, that is not a typo. Cricket flour. As in flour made from crickets. Apparently crickets are higher in protein and micro-nutrients than beef and so they are roasted and ground into a flour to use for making into these bars.

I have to say, they actually taste alright but to be entirely honest, for me, the squeamish factor is too much – I ate bugs and things when I was travelling in Africa, but somehow eating them at home makes me feel a little eurgh…. maybe I’m just being a wimp!

Miss Organics

Oh my goodness does this smell good. someone needs to invent a way to sent scents through a blog because you guys so need to smell this! Miss organics sent me two products as part of this must-haves collaboration, the first one which is their Floral Touch Organic Lip Balm, which is smooth and nourishing, and their Beauty Tonic Organic Face Oil, which I think may well be about to make it to the top of my beauty products of 2016 – this smells amazing and leaves your skin so soft and supple, and it smells like you are in a spa to boot!

The trouble I have with oils and even some moisturisers is that they don’t absorb properly – but this was not a problem with this face oil at all – it absorbed beautifully and I could feel the difference straight away. This, and my Magnitone face brush which I totally swear by are making my skincare regime one of my favourite parts of the day! 🙂


Now this is box I was very very excited to open. When I move into my new flat I am going on a massive health kick – I’ve already planned it and started buying tupperware so I can do all those fun things like food-prep etc etc….anyway, when I am on a big health kick, I find that I enjoy cooking more – and this box is chock full of healthy alternatives for baking. I was sent: Chia & Hemp dough mix, coconut flour, Peanut flour, a bag of Sukrin:1 (the healthy tabletop alternative to sugar) and two Sukrin chocolate bars – one Milk Chocolate, the other Milk Chocolate and Almond (yum!).

Firstly, any company that sends me chocolate is going to go pretty high up in my estimations – any company that sends me “healthy” chocolate, is just gonna make my day! I can’t wait to get into my new flat and try out baking with these – I’ll post any recipes I make on the recipe page of this blog too for anyone who is interested. 🙂

Timeless Truth Masks

Last but by no means least, is Timeless Truths Masks. I have actually worked with these guys before, having met them at the Bloggers Love Fashion Week last year, but I am still definitely a big fan. Their Apple Collagen Mask, which is what I have been sent, won the Pure Beauty Silver award in 2014 and rightfully deserved. I love the feeling that your skin has after using these masks.

They have no shortage of serum on them either, which means when the time has come to take them off, you can rub in the rest of the gel as an extra conditioning treatment. It smells great too which is always a bonus. They have a huge range of masks available too, with an additional luxury range and even mask made with bee venom – definitely worth a try! 🙂

*These products were all gifted to me, however all views are my own.

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