33 Things to Love About Autumn!

It’s here! The season of falling leaves and cosy evenings in. The season of pumpkin lattes and completely justifiable carb-overloads. The season of cosy coats and halloween. There is so much to love about autumn, and as my favourite season is finally here, I thought I’d write a bit of a list of all the things to love about it for all you autumn-sceptics out there!

1. Baking. Somehow baking is much more satisfying in the autumn. Fresh warm cookies when it’s cold outside is THE ONE!

2. Candles. All the scents. Just Candles.

3. No more twisting yourself like a pretzel in the shower to shave your legs….its autumn. They won’t be on show!

4. Hot Chocolate, WITH Marshallows AND Whipped Cream AND a dusting of Chocolate Powder!

5. Early morning chilly air. That moment when you’re all wrapped up in your coat, jumper and over-sized scarf, and you step out into the chilly morning mist. LOVE.

6. All the schadenfreude at sitting inside with a cup of tea and watching other people in the rain (come on, I’m NOT the only one!)

7. Sexy autumn food. Popcorn, Roast Dinners, Shepherd’s Pie, mashed potato, toffee apples and Pumpkin Spiced Lattes!

8. Oversized jumpers (and wearing them without sweating profusely!)

9. Blankets. Everywhere. On your bed.  On your sofa. Anywhere that you can physically sit, there is a blanket (please say this is not just me!)

10. Crispy Leaves – which, incidentally make a really good instgram shot with a pair of black ankle boots!

11. So many colours. No more normal grey streets, everything is covered in different shades of orangey leaves! 🙂

12. Getting Darker in the Evenings – making getting into your pjs as soon as you get home from work TOTALLY justifiable!

13. The smell of bonfires!

14. A hot cup of tea on a windy day.

15. Boots. All the boots. Ankle boots, knee-high boots,over-the-knee boots, ugg boots, slipper-boots….just ALL the boots.

16. Cuddles with loved ones whilst watching the fireworks on Bonfire night

17. Kids putting away Nintendo DS’s and iPhones to have Conker battles!

18. Wellies in Puddles!

19. The night that the clocks change and you get an hour extra sleep and feel like a champion!

20. Pumpkin Carving (I actually carved Tigger into a pumpkin last year and now I’m really concerned that I will have NO CHANCE at beating it this year!)

21. Gingerbread.

22. Fairy lights. Outside and Inside. Just everywhere.

23. Chilly walks.

24. ALL the fluffy socks

25. Feeling secretly smug when the Christmas displays start cropping up (though, of course, exclaiming “It’s still only October!!!”)

26. Kisses with cold noses.

27. Wooly hats.

28. Seeing small children playing with leaves – SO CUTE!

29. Duvet Days when the weather is crappy!

30. All  the viral cuteness of babies dressed up at halloween! I particularly LOVE these two disney ones that popped up on my Facebook last night!


31. Hot Salted Carmel Sauce on EVERYTHING! (I’ve got a fab recipe that I will post on here soon!)

32. All the new stationery!

33. Warm booze. I love a Mulled wine, but my absolutely favourite is a spiced hot cider – YUM!

To read my “Dear Autumn” letter from last year, Click here.

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  • Reply
    Emma Rankin
    September 25, 2016 at 8:34 pm

    I love autumn, I’m so excited for gingerbread lattes =]

  • Reply
    September 26, 2016 at 5:12 pm

    I enjoyed the warm sunshine and made the most of it but now my birthday and friends wedding are done roll on autumn. Totally agree with pretty much eveything except às a frequent swimmer the shaving continues sad times! X

  • Reply
    Steve Jones
    October 18, 2016 at 5:49 pm

    For me It’s the comfort food and snuggling up by the fire. Enjoyed reading your post (I don’t shave my legs).

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