Introducing: Ten Things

As you will have seen in my “Midwife Mondays” introduction post, I am trying to set up a bit more of a regular blog routine for my blog while I’m on this course. Of course, there will always be extras throughout the week, with travel, lifestyle and food posts etc. But I want to have some posts that are regular and that I can base my blog structure around – to fit into my new university schedule.

I read a lot of blogs and one of the regular postings that I really admire is Little Miss Katy‘s Happy Monday’s posts. She posts a list every Monday of things that have made her happy that week. It could be anything at all – and I love that. It’s like a regular little bubble of positivity, and I really love the whole idea behind it.

So, my second regular posting through the week will be “Ten Things”! I will post a list of the things that have made me smile through the previous week every Thursday. This could be an ice cold can of coke after a long day or a new pair of shoes or a fan day out etc etc.

I did send a message to Katy (who is an absolute babe and if you don’t read her blog, you absolutely need to!) to just double check that she didn’t mind me taking inspiration from her post concept – because there is a lot of copy-cat-ing that happens in the blog world, and I definitely didn’t want to do that, but she was brilliant about it – she just said to go for it, bless her. After all, we are all individual, so everything I post is in my own voice and my own style anyway, but still, I wanted to check in with her. 🙂 – Click on her logo to visit her fantastic blog!

So, every Thursday, my “Ten Things Thursday” post for the week will be going live! I’m really excited about this new routine. It will keep me posting regularly and I also think it will keep me inspired to create even more additional content in between these regular posts too!!

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    Josie Brownlee
    September 22, 2016 at 10:53 am

    Love this idea and can’t wait to read them! I think it’s so healthy to practice gratitude and acknowledge the little things that make us happy, I try and keep a list myself, but don’t update as much as I probably should – making it a weekly thing is a great idea!



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    September 22, 2016 at 12:19 pm

    Great idea. Katys blog is amazing one of my favourites and love her Monday happy lists. X

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