Pumpkin Patch Adventures!

In case I haven’t mentioned enough, in this letter to Autumn and this post about all the things to love about Autumn, Autumn is my favourite season. (You know that thing when you write a word too many times and it starts to look like you are spelling it wrong….I think I wrote the word Autumn too much in that sentence!) I just love it, when the leaves start to fall and it starts getting chilly, when summer shoes get packed away and the fluffy socks and chunky boots come out, when you have to wrap up in scarves and jackets before setting foot out of the door. It’s definitely the cosiest season.

Anyway, I was scrolling through instagram the other day, as we all do, and I came across a photo on one of my friend’s pages of an incredible number of pumpkins (and her absolutely adorable daughter in the middle of them!) – I’d never seen so many pumpkins in one place, in fact, thinking about it, I think I’ve only ever seen pumpkins at halloween, in those big boxes in the supermarket, I’ve never actually seen them in a pumpkin patch.


So, obviously this was something I had to see! I mentioned it to a few friends and my gorgeous friend Sara said she wanted to come with me – so fast forward to Saturday morning and to us arriving at Undley Pumpkin Patch, Me, Sara, her husband Martin and two of her three gorgeous children, Millie & Alfie – it was so exciting!

How cute are Millie & Alfie!?!

There were so many pumpkins! And they were such good value! After taking it all in for a bit, we grabbed some lunch…..or rather, they grabbed some lunch, I’m determinedly still trying to shift a few lbs so had a tuna mayo pitta bread from my backpack while they had yummy burgers straight off the BBQ – yum!

There is something about seeing kids embracing nature in the way that was happening in the pumpkin patch – there wasn’t a nintendo ds or iPhone game in sight. Just kids in their wellies and coats, running through the pumpkins and picking the ones they wanted to take home. It was really lovely to see; and yes, I did get a little broody! (mostly due to a tiny baby in a pumpkin costume having her photo taken amongst all the real pumpkins – SO CUTE!)

Undley Pumpkin Patch also have a maize maze, which, obviously, we had to do! With Maize taller than any of us, neatly cut into a maze, we found ourselves hiding in the long stems and jumping out at each other, running through the maze playing tag, and generally embracing the big kids we are; and it was all totally justified because Millie and Alfie were there! 🙂

The whole set up at Undley is absolutely beautiful – they also have a pumpkin shaped bouncy castle, a craft fair and donkey rides too, all sitting around this vast field full of pumpkins of all shapes and sizes! It is just so photogenic – I took so many more photos than I can justifiably include in a blog post – it was just such a cool place!

I’m planning on doing more day trips around cambridgeshire when I get a chance to – I loved finding this place that I had no idea even existed and then getting there to see how brilliant it was – so expect to see plenty more soon! 🙂


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