Ten Things: Once Upon A Time & Lots of Cooking!

Another busy week in the life of me, but it’s been a good one. We had another 3 day weekend which was so so lovely, I’ve missed my lie-ins since I moved up here,

1. A Full 12 Hours Sleep!!! Last Thursday I came home absolutely shattered, was in bed by 7.30 and slept until 8am the following day. And it was AMAZING!

2. Saturday Cooking. I’ve missed cooking. Cooking for enjoyment, not out of necessity. Saturday afternoon I literally spent the whole afternoon cooking, and it made me really happy!

3. Turkey and Butternut Pie. I made this recipe up during my saturday cooking session, and it was so much better than expected! Yum! (Recipe Here)

4. New Lunch bag. No more tupperware in my backpack, I’ve got the most gorgeous lunch bag to take in to uni with me every day! Yay!

5. Clean sheets night. Need I say more?!?!

6. Once Upon A Time. I rediscovered Once Upon A Time this week and I cannot stop watching it! No spoilers please, not watched the latest season yet!

7. Blogosphere Magazine. I got my first issue of this magazine recently and it is so good – and so lovely to see what other bloggers think about and different opinions on things – read it cover to cover in one sitting!

8. Popcorn. I’m trying to be so healthy, but I wanted a treat whilst watching bake off…..so bought myself a bag of popcorn on the way home. Yum!

9. Bake Off. Oh my goodness. The final. No Spoilers here but OH MY GOD! SOOOOO GOOD! I’m not ashamed to admit, I did cry.

10. Cauliflower Cheese! Another recipe I whipped up this week – healthy switches included and it still tasted so so yummy! I had some for tea last night before bake off! (Recipe Here)

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