Ten Things: Scones, Magic & Cryptic Eggs!

Firstly, I am so sorry that this post is late. I have got into the habit of making notes for this post during the week and then writing it up on the Wednesday at some point, which was my plan. However, Wednesday, when I got in, I was so completely shattered and I knew I only had an hour of work scheduled for yesterday morning so I could be back in the flat by 9.30am and get the post out then….except all my good intentions went down the pan as my 1 hour in the hospital turned into 12.5 hours so I didn’t get in until 9.15 last night and was dead to the world!

I will explain a bit more about the crazy week I’m having in my next “Midwife Mondays” post (It’ll be out Monday morning first thing and trust me, this one is well worth a read!)

But here I am now, duvet over my lap, mug of tea on a tray next to me, and ready to let you know the 10 Things that made me smile this week (even if it is a day late!)

1. Labour demonstration. I mentioned this in my last “Midwife Mondays” post – but seeing my lecturer with a bump on certainly put a smile on my face!

2. Anthony Nolan. I sent off my spit sample to this incredible charity this week. Could you save a life by donating Stem Cells or Bone Marrow – visit www.anthonynolan.org for more info.

3. Actually wearing makeup. After weeks of rushing around like a mad thing, it was so lovely to have a bit of a pamper session and put some proper makeup on! 🙂

4. Afternoon Tea at the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel. All the yum. Seriously. For some serious food porn, have a read of my post here.

5. Magic tricks. The incredible Tony Middleton (www.sonicmagic.co.uk) was doing magic at the park lane hotel – and he was AMAZING!

6. Pretty Autumn scenes. All the colours. All the crispy leaves. All the hot drinks. All the Pumpkins. I LOVE  AUTUMN!!!

7. First day on placement. I was so so nervous, but getting into my uniform and heading out on my first shift as a student midwife definitely put a huge grin on my face! (more info on Monday!)

8. Bloggermail from Ashleigh & Burwood. These guys were the first brand I ever worked with, years ago, and I LOVE them! They sent me a box of their Christmas range and I can’t wait to share them with you – post out next week!

9. Eggs. You’ll have to read my next “Midwife Mondays” post to find out about this one!

10. BED. After working nearly 40 hours in 3 days, my bed is my FAVOURITE place ever right now!

That is the face of a seriously sleepy but very happy Student Midwife! 🙂

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