One Year Later…

Can you believe it?! It’s been a whole year since the UK first went into lockdown?! I remember the evening so so clearly – let’s be honest, we all knew it was coming and we had been crying out for it for weeks, so when it was announced that Boris was making a statement to the nation that evening, we all knew what it would be. But, I still remember sitting there watching the statement with tears running down my cheeks (and a gin and tonic in hand!) – we might have known it was coming but was still scary and overwhelming to hear that our country was heading into a “lockdown”.

Who knew at that point that a whole year later we would still be living under restrictions, having not seen family members and friends since that time.

Everyone has faced their own struggles throughout this time and I think its very easy to think that you’ve got it harder than others, but as so many people share online, you never know the whole story with anyone. For me, I have been working on the front line in PPE, with covid +ve patients. Yes, it has been scary at times and there have definitely been times where I’ve wanted to curl up in a ball and hibernate until it’s all done. But then I look at those who have been shielding and those who have been furloughed or unable to work for a year now, and I feel so so grateful to have been in a position where I can work, where I can get out of the house and see other people, where I can get a change of scene and do something different with my day; despite it being scary at times.

Everyone has their own experience of this time and faced their own struggles with it and I honestly believe that we will all have learned really valuable lessons about ourselves through this time – resilience, bravery and so much more.

I’m honestly not sure what the point of this post is – I just felt that this milestone was something I wanted to acknowledge – we’ve all been through it in the last year, but hopefully we are on our way out of it now….fingers crossed!

Keep powering through all, you’ve got this!

Photo by Sergey Shmidt on Unsplash

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