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A few years ago, when this blog was still brand new, and I think pretty much the only person who read it was my mum (who still reads every post I write – hi mum!) I got an email from a brand called Ashleigh & Burwood asking if I would like to review a couple of their candles.

They were the first ever brand that I ever worked with as a blogger – since that day I have tried out so many of their products, I’ve written guest posts for their blog, and they also took me as their guest to the Fyodor Golan show at London Fashion Week – in short, what was my first ever brand relationship, has turned into something really special!

I am slightly biased, because the whole team at Ashleigh & Burwood are so blooming lovely, but I have become such a huge fan of their products – and this season I think they may have just topped every product of their’s I have ever tried!

We all know that Christmas is rapidly approaching (HOW IS IS NOVEMBER ALREADY?!?) and Ashleigh & Burwood have brought out a new Christmas range of their gorgeous candles and I was lucky enough to be sent the range to try out!

The Christmas range consists of 3 different candles and I can honestly say I love them all – they just smell so so good!

So, what are the new Christmas Scents?

1. White Christmas
This is quite a light scent, perfect for a cosy blog writing or crappy tv watching session on a winter evening. You know the feeling, when you’ve pulled on the fluffy socks, pyjamas and an oversized hoodie and settle down for the evening – that is the scent. It’s got a festive hint without being “obviously” Christmassy too.

2. Log Fire
Umm, can we just have a minute. That smell that you get when you are curled by a wood burning fire, that perfect crisp smokey wood scent – HOW HAVE THEY DONE IT?!?!?! They’ve got it dead on. It’s like having a wood burning fire in the middle of my flat – with the cosy feeling that comes with it, but without the actual fire in the middle of my studio flat (because, let’s be honest, that would be a little bit silly!)

3. Christmas Spice
Full on spices and cloves. This smells like freshly cooked mince pies, mulled wine and hot fruit. All the best bits of that smell that is un-questioningly Christmas – there is no doubt at all, this candle is Christmas. I’m gonna save this one for the day when I decorate my Christmas tree, the day when I do all my festive wrapping, driving home for Christmas, and the morning of Christmas itself – it is the PERFECT christmas smell!

I realise it isn’t quite christmas yet, but I am just one of those people. I get so excited when the shops start putting Christmas decorations up, and people start wrapping up in scarves and gloves and go to buy holly wreaths and trees – all I need to do now is get a bit of Michael Buble’s Christmas or The Pentatonix Christmas Album playing on my iMac and I’ll pretty much have turned into Buddy The Elf!

*These gorgeous candles were gifted to me, however all views are my own.

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    November 13, 2016 at 8:38 pm

    Ooh these sound perfect for Autumn/Winter – plus the packaging is so cute! x


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