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About three months ago, just before I left Bristol, packed all my belongings into the back of my little blue car and moved to Cambridge, I went to have my hair done. A little parting treat, I suppose, before I left. My wonderful hairdresser, Roy, told me at this appointment that, after several wonderful years doing my hair (which was, I’m sure, the highlight of his entire career!! Ha!) he is going to be moving to Australia in about 6 months with his wonderful husband and two gorgeous dogs.

Obviously, I was thrilled for him, but also COMPLETELY DEVASTATED! I mean, this is the man I have trusted with my hair for YEARS! And he knows my crazy mop of hair so well! What on earth am I going to do without him?!?


Anyway, fast forward a few months and I’m all settled in Cambridge – happy and getting my head around my new life, but the one thing I am glaringly aware of is that I literally know no local bloggers – in London I had my own little bubble of people I knew from blogging events and who I would bump into at literally everything – but I’ve been so busy getting settled in Cambridge that I hadn’t given it half a thought, until an email popped into my inbox a few weeks back inviting me to celebrate Rush Cambridge’s First Birthday with a handful of gorgeous Cambridgeshire based bloggers – yay!

Obviously, this was the perfect opportunity to meet some local bloggers, and I am also painfully aware that I am going to be losing my well-trusted hairdresser after our final emotional appointment in December, and I really need to find hairdresser who can handle my crazy hair once he has gone – so I absolutely accepted!!

Photo credit to the fabulous Karen Harvey!

You just can’t beat bloggers when they are all together – yeah, ok, there are always gonna be exceptions to the rule, but the majority are such absolute dreamboats – a lot of these events you end up going to alone and I’ve still never been at an event where someone hasn’t come up an introduced themselves and within 30 seconds we have been chatting like we’ve known each other for years – its really really special!

Rush Cambridge is a franchise of the well-known Rush Hair & Beauty brand, and they really are doing their bit in Cambridge. I have to say it was so lovely to meet the team, and to see them all getting on so well! I know that sounds like such a small thing, but to see them all joking around and messing about in photos together – you can just see that they all have a great time doing what they do – it seemed like such a great working environment, and definitely somewhere I could hang out!

On arrival, we were greeted with glasses of fizz, wonderful little spanish tapas-style canapés (made by the fantastic Estefania @quericotapas) and some really scrummy cupcakes (I mean, what more does a girl need?!) and then we were treated to having our hair styled by the fabulous team! The fantastic Rebecca braided my hair into a “waterfall braid” and I have to say, I was so so impressed – my hair is always a bit mad and I’ve never been able to do anything that could slightly class as “delicate” with it myself – luckily, my hair looks decent when it is a bit mad, but it was lovely to have something so delicate going on with my hair – it was so clever too – even looking at the photos now, I have no idea how she did it – but I love it!

Photo credit to the fabulous Karen Harvey!

We were spoilt rotten all evening – the food was great (the amazing birthday cake that came out just when we thought we couldn’t be spoilt any more was SPECTACULAR!), we were treated to a gorgeous goodie bag with treats from L’occitane, @claireabellemakes, Origins, Keratase Paris and Etta French, and every single member of the Rush Team made us feel special and were so accommodating – needless to say, I think I’ve found where to get my mad hair tended to while I’m living in Cambridge – and, I met some truly wonderful fellow bloggers too, all of whom I hope to see again very soon! 🙂

Happy First Birthday Rush Cambridge, Thanks for having me along to celebrate! I’ll be in to see you all in the New Year to have my hair re-ginged!

For more information, visit the Rush Website, Twitter or Instagram or search the hashtag #WinterAtRush.

*Our Nibbles, Drinks and experience were gifted, however all views are my own!

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