Midwife Mondays 40: Back in Uni

So, our final placement of first year has finished and now we have three weeks of uni left before we hit study leave and it all becomes a bit scary!

This week we have had three days in uni, instead of our usual four. They are definitely getting us gradually used to the idea of being a little more independent with our learning ahead of study leave time – it’s quite nice to have the time but also means we need to be a little more disciplined about using the spare time well. I’m just trying to plan out my study leave time at the moment, and then when it comes around I’ll have already worked out how I’m going to spend the time. 🙂

So, what have we been doing this week now we are back in uni? Well, we have been back in lectures!

On Monday morning we were focussing on multiple pregnancies – how they occur, the different types and all the other details surrounding a multiple pregnancy.
Then we spent the afternoon going over all the physiological factors of Waterbirth – a lot of us have witnessed Waterbirths in practice, but we had yet to go over the proper theory behind them, so it was nice to put all the different parts of that together.

I spent Tuesday on a blog meeting day in London, and then went to see Wicked with my sisters in the evening, which was a really nice getaway from the real world for a day!

Then Wednesday was spent with my laptop, trying to finish last week’s “Midwife Mondays” post, which I started last weekend and it just took me AGES to finish. Thank you by the way, to all of you who read it – it got the most views any of my “Midwife Mondays” posts has had in one day and everyone’s comments have been amazing!

On Thursday we were focussing on Malpresentation and Malposition, and then spent the afternoon covering breech and the different types of breech position. I really like learning the more detailed parts of this job – it feels like I’m a lot less of a beginner now when we learn these things – it shows me how far I’ve come since the start of this course – it’s exciting!

We spent Friday discussing about women’s fear of childbirth and how childbirth is perceived in the media, and then in the afternoon we had a big group debate. We picked a few topics and debated them in the group; things like whether we should be listening in with a doppler at every antenatal appointment, or the difference between hands on and hands off deliveries. It was really nice to hear everyone’s different opinions on things, and to hear about the real variety of experiences we have all been having!

It’s been lovely to be back in uni, and to see the girls again – when we are off on a six week placement, a lot of us just don’t see each other, so when we get back into uni we all get to have a proper catch up again!

Just two more weeks until study leave, and it’s going so so fast!

Image by Alex Knight

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