Midwife Mondays 43: First Week of study leave!

So here we are. Uni days have finished for first year. Hospital days have finished for first year. It’s just a few exams and then I’m all finished with my first year of this course! How crazy is that?! I know they say it goes quickly, but it really has gone by so so fast!

So, we are on study leave for the next few weeks, which, as much as it has been a welcome time to study, it has also been an incredibly welcome time to spend doing all the things I’ve just kinda pushed aside while on placement recently so I spent a couple of days this week just getting on top of everything – I guess I kinda feel like I need all the odd jobs done before I can focus on revising and swotting up for exams.

So after I had done all the “admin stuff”, this week I have been focussing on working towards my breastfeeding OSCE exam which is next Monday (eek!)

We have to do a 20 minute role-play style exam, talking through positioning and attachment, hand expression, syringe feeding and cup feeding so I’ve been swotting up, writing myself a little script (well, I was an actress!) and practising on knitted boobs and dolls.

I do feel quite confident about it all now….I think…but that said, come monday, I’ll be a complete nervous wreck! Just gotta go through it methodically and it should be fine….I hope!

I also think it’s very important to take time to turn your brain off too, so I spent Saturday shopping with Abi, my oldest friend, in Bristol, followed by the perfect girls night, with Pizza and Beauty and the Beast! Perfect brain switch-off time!

I think that’s it really for this week – there hasn’t been a huge amount of stuff to put in, just purely because I’m revising most of the time, and it would be really boring to document that minute by minute!

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine!

Image by Daria Nepriakhina

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