Ten Things: Board Game Cafe, Birthday Weekend & A Grown Up Ball Pool!

I haven’t done a Ten Things post in a while, and as there have been quite a few things over the past few weeks that have made me smile like a fat kid presented with cake….or rather (and more appropriately for this post!) me, presented with cake, I thought I would pull one together.

It’s been really lovely few weeks, with a few trips to Bristol to see friends and family, and a genuine treat of a birthday weekend!
So, although there have been so many more than Ten Things that have made me smile recently, here are a few!

1. Board Game Cafe
What a bloomin’ brilliant idea!! A bar/cafe that has every board game known to man! I went there a few weeks back with a couple of really good friends and a very handsome man, who, because I don’t want to put every aspect of my personal life on the internet, I will refer to as ‘M’. We sat down, started an overly competitive game of ‘Risk’ and drank the night away….or at least until they closed 4 1/2 hours later!

2. ‘Wicked’ with my sisters
My little sister turned 20 recently and for her birthday we bought tickets to see wicked. We actually bought three tickets so that us three sisters could go together. We had a really lovely girl’s night – dinner, drinks and the show – which was fantastic! I’ve actually seen it a few times now, but loved it all the same, and my little sister who hadn’t seen it before seemed to have a really good time, which is, after all, the point of a birthday treat!

3. Cricket
Every year for the past 31 years, my dad and his best mate have each brought together a team each and played a big cricket match, followed by a big piss up. This year was no different. It is always really lovely to see this group; people who have known me since I was born, their kids who I have grown up with, the boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives that have joined as the years have gone along – it’s really special. My dad’s team had won two years running and this year were aiming for the third…which they did – Yay! M came along this year too and did his bit for the team 🙂

4. New Hair
I’ve been redhead for a few years now, so I wanted to try something new. I started with a few blonde-y highlights which I absolutely loved, so now I have an appointment for a few weeks time to chuck a load more on in there and see what I look like a bit blonde! Eek!

5. Singing at the Wales Millennium Centre
One of those venues that has been on the bucket list for me since I had an audition there when I was 11 – it’s just such a gorgeous building (plus, it’s where the Torchwood headquarters are so it made my inner nerd happy too!)
I got to sing a bunch of really wonderful songs, with a group of exceptionally talented people – real box ticking moment! 🙂

6. Trampoline Fitness Class
As we are off to Spain in less than a month (eek!) I’ve been trying to be a bit better with my food and exercise so I don’t feel like a hippo  when I put on my bikini! I really struggle with just going to the gym – I just get bored – so I need to do something that keeps my mind engaged as well, like a class. And I think I’ve found it. A few weeks back we went to Airspace in Stevenage, which is essentially a big trampolining place, and while we were there, I saw an advert for their fitness class, so I went along. My god is it hard work, and it makes you HURT for days afterwards, but it definitely works! I did my second session on Tuesday this week and today I am definitely paying for it – at least I know it works, eh?! It’s good fun too – but it definitely necessitates a REALLY GOOD SPORTS BRA!

7. Adult Ball Pool
Yes, we are children in the bodies of adults. No, we don’t care! There was an Adult Ball Pool in Bristol a few weeks back which we just HAD to visit and it was HILARIOUS! We spent our slot pushing each other over, throwing the balls at each other and taking stupid photos – and then went for a few drinks after – a really fun way to spend an evening!

8. Life/Work Balance
I really feel like in the last, maybe, two months or so, my life seems to have a much more healthy work/life balance. I finish my work day and go home at the end of the day and really feel like I’m turning my brain off and doing other things with my day that just work, eat, sleep. It’s a really nice feeling. Whether it is a weeknight date night, staying in and cooking dinner or heading away for the weekend, I feel like my life has a much healthier and happier balance to it at the moment – it’s a good feeling and I’m a happier girl for it!

9. Girly Day
This weekend just gone I got to have a proper girly day in Bristol with Abi. We started with lunch in the village and then went shopping for a few hours until our feet hurt and our credit cards hurt even more. We had intended on going out in the evening, but instead we went back to her flat, opened a bottle of prosecco, ordered pizza and watched Beauty and the Beast – I mean, what else does a girl need?!?! This girl has completely changed my life (absolutely no exaggeration!) in the past year and a half, in ways I can’t thank her enough for. I’m a lucky girl to have her in my life, and to be so close still after 20 years, so to spend a good bit of quality girl time together was really lovely! 🙂

10. The Ultimate Birthday
I just couldn’t write this Ten Things post without including the absolute treat of a birthday I had last week. 27 years old. Holy crap. Anyway, Abi and her boyfriend came up to spend the weekend with us so we spent the Friday night eating home made spag bol,  drinking gin & tonic and playing another very competitive game of Risk (which I did actually win!)
On the Saturday, my actual birthday, we had a proper fry up and then headed to Watford to play Top Golf, which was awesome. Drinks in hand, you basically have to hit a golf ball into one of the massive targets, but the bonus is, it doesn’t matter if you are good at golf! In fact, at one point, I was beating M, who is in fact very good at golf! 🙂
We then headed back to the flat, got showered, changed and all dolled up for a night on the town. We went out for delicious tapas and then to specialist gin & tonic bar, and finished the night drawing silly pictures and having a really good giggle in a cocktail bar. It was a really special birthday, such a great day with such wonderful people. I was spoilt rotten and had an amazing time!

Incredible Beef Carpaccio with Manchego Cheese Ice Cream! YUM!

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