A Girl On A Journey Is 3!!

Three years! How have I been writing this blog for three years?!?!

I genuinely can’t believe that three whole years have passed since I sat down on that chilly early December evening in 2014 and launched this site. I didn’t know what I wanted to write about really, I just knew that my brain was crying out to write something. Anything. And so I started writing…

Over the years I have covered a really wide range of material, from London Fashion Week & filming with Coke TV through to posting my own recipes & writing about the journey towards becoming a qualified midwife – my content really has had a huge variety, and has certainly evolved with me as my life has changed and moved forward.

Not only has my content changed, but my blog’s look has changed too – it started over on blogger, with a free theme, no domain name, and a seriously bland set up.
Now, thanks to my blog designer-builder-tech-genius-life-saver, Phil from Pipdig, it is all self-hosted on WordPress, and the theme and set up is just fab, and with my amazing logo designed by, Harriet over at the De Winton Paper Co, it all looks pretty darn snazzy too!

Thank you to every single one of you, those who come back week after week to read my new content, all the way through to those of you who have only come across my blog today – every single page view, post like, online share and comment makes me smile from ear to ear and I really can’t thank you all enough for sticking around – three years is a long long time!

Here’s to the first three years, and to many more! 🙂


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