Midwife Mondays 65: More Gynae & into theatre!

Hello all!

Ok, first things first, yes, I know that this post is late. Very Late. But it’s been busy and then it was Christmas and New Year and I really felt like I needed to take the time over christmas to turn off properly (something which I’m very well aware that I’m not very good at!)

I am going to write a proper 2017 round up and christmas post so I won’t go into that, but I hope you’ve all had a really special few weeks and are already smashing your way into 2018!

So, looking back on my second week of my gynae placement now, picking up where I left off with my last Midwife Mondays post – here goes!

I had three shifts, the first of which I visited the Oasis clinic, where women go postnatally who have had 3rd or 4th degree tears during childbirth, to see the consultant and check up on how they are post-delivery. It was interesting to hear the stories of each of these women and hear how they were recovering.

My second shift of the week I was meant to be observing the Urodynamics clinic, however when I turned up that clinic was cancelled. Essentially for the rest of the day I got passed around from person to person and clinic to clinic – the majority of whom didn’t really want me there – this was another day of frustration for me…I guess it’s natural to feel a bit like a spare piece when you are observing but I really didn’t feel like I was learning much either…very frustrating!

My final day of my gynae placement was also the one I enjoyed the most – Reproductive medicine theatre.

I spent a full day in theatre with a senior consultant and his team and observed some brilliant laparoscopic surgery. The consultant went out of his way to make me feel welcome and to ask me questions and answer any questions that I had – he also took me, and his two junior doctor assistants for coffee half way through the day – it was just a much more pleasant and much more interesting day than the rest of the placement (I’m tempted to say “put together”!)

So, I definitely went out on a high from my gynae placement, even if it hadn’t been my favourite placement to date – and I did definitely learn a lot, just maybe not as much as I thought I would.

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