Midwife Mondays 68: Serious Exam Time! Eek!!

Can’t believe I’m writing this one – I genuinely thought the day would never come that this exam was done – it was such a tough one!

Our Midwifery Complexitites module explores all the care and plans for women and babies with complex needs – newborn babies with jaundice, women antenatally with symptoms of diabetes, providing intrapartum care to a woman with pre-eclampsia, caring for a newborn from a diabetic mother, looking after a woman and her family when she goes into labour prematurely, CTG interpretation etc etc – it just goes on and on – and we have to learn it all!

This module is, frankly, HUGE. There was just so much to learn, and although we had lectures, there was still so much to learn independently.

Although I did do plenty of revision before christmas, and flicked through my notes between christmas and new year, as soon as we stepped through the door on January 2nd after our fortnight away, the books were open and I was a girl on a mission. Poor M didn’t start back at work until Monday this week so he was home with me but getting literally nothing out of me at all except the occasion gasp of desperation at the fact that there was so much to learn – to be fair to him however, he was amazing, making sure I took breaks and didn’t drive myself crazy, and making me tea when I needed it – he’s a good egg! 🙂

So, Friday morning came around far too quickly and the exam was happening! We had a two hour paper in the morning with one CTG interpretation and then one other long question (chosen from 3 options) – proper essay questions which took me right back to my A Levels (which I realise now were 10 years ago this year – how scary is that?!?!)

In the afternoon we had another 2 hour paper, where we had to answer 4 shorter questions (chosen from 6 options) and then just like that it was done – my right hand is still aching a bit from all the writing, but it was done!

I don’t think I did too badly…I hope…I came out feeling relatively confident that I had done at least enough to pass (bloody hope so!) so just gotta wait until the results come out in a few weeks and find out if I did enough… I’ll still be a nervous wreck on that day but writing this now, I feel alright…I think….eek!

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    January 21, 2018 at 12:11 am

    Sending you all the luck for your exam results. I’m sure you nailed it! I still remember looking at the trace and everything flashing on the screen with a big ??? on my face, so I can only imagine what it would be like to learn how to interpret it properly. I got put on traces a LOT, so I got pretty good at reading them myself, but definitely nowhere near as good as a qualified professional! I do NOT miss studying.

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