Midwife Mondays 77: Eclampsia, Cord Prolapse, Theatre Simulations & Episiotomys on Grapefruits!

Another catch up post here – but I’m getting there – it’s been busy!

So, the week before last was a busy one. We were back in uni, which was lovely – getting to see my uni girls again – and learning some more towards our ‘Emergency Skills’ and ‘Developing Professional Skills’ Modules.

On the Monday we were in for a full day of the theory and management behind Eclampsia. I am really enjoying this module, and learning about all these emergencies, although a little scary, it also makes it really feel like we are progressing in our training.

We went through the theory and the risk factors and then focussed on the management and the best ways to medicate and manage the care of a woman who has had an eclamptic fit. It’s a lot to take in, and to learn for our exams, but it all seem quite logical too, which is good.

On the Wednesday we were in the skills lab, learning the theory and management of a cord prolapse. We went through the theory and management in the first few hours and then we had a simulation session, where we had one of the now third years acting as the mother with a cord prolapse and we each had a role to play in either the “home” or in theatre once they got to the hospital. As the uni skills lab has a full operating theatre, this was quite a unique experience. We even had some of the paramedic students come in and help the mum, and transport her to the hospital (well, up and down the corridor and into the skills theatre!)

I got to simulate the role of the Anaesthetist so when the time came that the decision was made to go to a caesarean section I had to be ready to pretend to put her under. It sounds a bit silly but it really helped us see how many people are involved and how every single person has their role in these emergencies, as well as how important communication is in that kinda situation!

The Thursday was another day of working on the public health essay for me – theres a lot to do and only a couple of weeks to go so it’s all about time management!

On the Friday we were back in uni in the skills lab going over our suturing knotting skills again, as well as learning things like artificial rupture of membranes (using a water-filled condom!) and episiotomys on a grapefruit. It was a full day session and it was a really hands-on, practical session – which I love! For me, I definitely learn by doing! Such a useful and fun day!

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