Midwife Mondays 95: NIPE checks & recoup days

Just a quick one this week cos it’s already late going out and I’ve got no time to add anything more to it!

My goodness it feels like these weeks are absolutely flying by and yet they also appear to be never-ending too!

Everything at the moment feels very much like we are coming towards the end of the academic year; this week I have sent off all my reflective essays and our huge marathon drug administration workbook to my tutor for review (then if she says its all ok, which I really hope she does, then I’ll submit it all online as one HUGE file and it’ll be done!), I’ve nearly got all my skills signed off for the year (I need one more and I can’t get it until I go onto NICU, which is this week), I’ve ticked off all my hours for my “normal” (midwifery) placements for the year, and I’m actually making a dent in the huge “to-do” list – it feels good!

This week I also finished my NIPE checks for the year. As I think I’ve probably mentioned on here before, my university course also gets us a NIPE (newborn infant physical examination) qualification and so we have to undertake 10 of these full newborn checks, plus a final summative check each year as part of that. I had managed to get 7 done throughout my placement on the postnatal ward earlier in the year, but needed a few more so booked onto a day with one of the NIPE practitioners this week where I managed to do my final 3 and my summative one too – another box ticked (as I can’t move on to third year without having done my checks for the year.

The rest of the week last week was spent getting my head down, sitting with my laptop set up on our new table outside, and getting my written work all finalised and sending it through to my tutor – so nearly there now!

M’s family had a big family party at the weekend so we drove up on the Friday afternoon and spent the weekend up there celebrating, eating far too much cake and drinking our bodyweight in gin! Such a fab weekend and a perfect way to switch off too (particularly given that M’s parents had booked me a facial and a blow-dry as a belated birthday treat before the party on saturday!)

I’m starting my placement on NICU this week and I’m actually really looking forward to it – I think it’ll be an eye opener and I think I’ll probably see some really interesting cases too so check back next week to hear what I’ve been up to!

Image by Aaron Burden

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