Midwife Mondays 110: NIPE checks, Suturing, Updates & Long Days

Oops, I’m behind on these again! Sorry all, it’s all a bit busy at the moment and I’m struggling to get it all done!
So, a quick one for this post, just to get me a bit more caught up.

Last week was quite a bitty one, with a lot of hours in the hospital, doing a real range of different things.

I started with a shift with the NIPE midwife. This year I have to do the full NIPE check, and I have to get all my checks done and signed off before christmas, so I have booked a couple of days with the NIPE midwives to make sure I get them done in good time. I spent a busy morning seeing a wide range of cases, and managed to get 7 checks signed off, which is certainly a big chunk of the ones I need to do – big relief!

I also had my final shifts on the antenatal ward, which were really busy, as usual. We did my final grading for my placement in these shifts and I was really pleased to get a really good grade for it. I’ve really enjoyed my placement on the antenatal ward and getting to know more about the higher risk antenatal care – I’m back on the antenatal ward in March and I really feel like I’ll be able to dive in head first when I get back there, knowing much more how it all works and what I’m doing.

We also had a full day of updates last week – how to use a fire extinguisher, talks from blood transfusion and data protection etc. It was a long day, but I do appreciate that it is important too….if not the most thrilling day ever!

Finally we had a 5 hour long suturing workshop with the hospital’s suturing lead midwife. This was really useful as we went over the basics again and then used the ox tongue again to practice. Given that we will be expected to be doing some suturing this year, most probably, it was good to have a reminder at the start of the year so I will feel more prepared for when this situation arises.

Altogether, quite a divided week, with a lot of things going on, and I was totally shattered at the end of it, but a good week and a nice way to end my antenatal ward placement too.

Image by Bryce Koch

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