Midwife Mondays 111: Uni Days and more NIPE Checks

Last week was a uni week, and frankly it was needed just to catch my breath after the busy week before!

We had a couple of days in uni, to carry on with the lectures for our NIPE module. We have our exam on the first week back in January so these were some of the last teaching sessions we have on it before our exam – eek!

We started with two external lecturers; one talking to us about the neonatal heart and the things we should be looking for when doing the NIPE check – including the conditions it could be if we do pick up one something unusual – the other talked to us all about legal and ethical issues, particularly surrounding parental responsibility and who we can gain consent from to carry out the checks on the baby. It was really interesting to learn who actually had legal parental responsibility for a newborn, particularly when it comes to unmarried couples – the legislation seems quite dated in that respect really – so interesting to learn.

We also had sessions on the reflexes demonstrated in the newborn and what we should be looking for with these, as well as chromosomal abnormalities and the signs and symptoms of these syndromes so we can be looking out for these when we check the baby too.

There is a huge amount involved in the NIPE module, but I know it is such an important skill and a really useful extra qualification to have too….just seems a lot at the moment!

I also had another NIPE shift at the hospital to carry out my necessary checks. Thankfully, I managed to finish all my checks and get my examined one done and signed off too – so all my checks are done! Now I’ve just got to swot up for the exam and I’ll be all set to be a qualified NIPE practitioner! Eek!

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