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Some days, the only thing that will do the job is coffee.

And not just any coffee, but proper coffee.

I drink a lot of tea day-to-day, so for me, when I turn to coffee it’s because I really need something a bit extra. Something that is gonna really spark my brain going, wake me up and motivate me to get going again. And that ain’t gonna come from just any coffee.

It’s only gonna come from fresh, perfectly roasted coffee; but I don’t wanna have to go out for it. If I’m half way through a day working from home, or spending the day researching my dissertation, I don’t want to have to go out to get proper coffee – I want proper coffee at home.

This is where Pact Coffee comes in. Their founder, Stephen, set up Pact coffee in 2012 with exactly that mission; to bring the UK better coffee at home.

Pact coffee have so many different coffees on offer, from so many different areas, and all roasted to perfection with unique blends and hints of different flavours. Each coffee on their website has a flavour profile so you can choose exactly what you are looking for – whether you want Medium Roast or Dark, hints of cherry or chocolate, from Kenya or Columbia; they have all the options laid out so clearly.

They also do seasonal roasts – which are particularly fab! We were lucky enough to be sent a bag of their Christmas Blend, which is a Medium-dark roast combined from Kenya and Honduras and it genuinely has hints of mince pie in it; which, for a huge mince pie fan, no matter what time of the year it is, I love!

The brilliant thing about Pact coffee is that it comes through the post, in resealable packets that fit through the letterbox, so you can order online and have really good, proper coffee at home in no time!

They also accommodate however you want the beans to arrive; they can come as Whole beans, or ground suitable for drip, espresso, cafetière, stovetop or an aeropress – so you’re all set for brewing your coffee at home, however you want!

The next thing we are going to try is definitely their coffee pods – I bought M a nespresso machine for his birthday last year and now we’ve tried this fab coffee, I think we are gonna have to get some in!


I will always be a day-to-day tea addict, but I’ve definitely found my perfect coffee for those days when coffee is the only thing that is gonna pull me out of my post-night-shift stupor, or when my brain is feeling scrambled by my dissertation – I’m definitely a Pact Coffee convert!

Pact Coffee can be found online over at – trust me, given them a try!

Pact Coffee have also very generously given me a code for you guys to get a free V60 Coffee Kit with your first bag if you sign up to a plan – valid until March 31st. The code is: PACTJOURNEY

*This bag of Pact Coffee was gifted, but as always, all opinions are my own*

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